Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Consumer Reports reports on Hamburgers

I apologize for yet another hamburger post, but just in case you didn't see today's Yahoo/Consumer Reports article on the best hamburgers., the link below will take you to it.

In summary, the Consumer Reports survey considers Five Guys and In-N-Out to be the best burgers for national companies and McDonald's the worst.

I actually like the McDonald's quarter-pounder when it's fresh and prefer them to Burger-King or Whataburger.

In the Consumer Reports report, 26,000 people were polled and on a 1 - 10 scale Five Guys and In-N-Out received a 7.9, Whataburger received a 7.3, Burger King and Jack-in-the-Box, 6.3, and McDonald's 5.6.

Agree? Disagree?

The Consumer Report article: consumer reports



jasonthomas5268 said...

what about Mooyah burger they are so much better than five guys

Francis Shivone said...

Thanks Jason. I can't say that I agree with you but it is a good burger.

John said...

I've never tried Five Guys and only had In-N-Out once in Tucson. To me McDonald's burgers taste like goo that has been formed into a burger shape. In fact, I can't eat McD, B.K. or Wendy's w/o feeling nauseas after.

Charlie's is still my first choice for a burger. Kincaid's isn't far behind.

Goodtaste said...

I havent had Five Guys yet tho I hear its not that great but I do really like Smashburger! And In-n-Out is okay in my opinion but I dont care what anybody says....Whataburger will just always rule!