Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sundance Square to be Backdrop for ESPN Superbowl Coverage

It appears that congratulations is due Downtown Fort Worth and Sundance Square for being selected as hosts for the 80 hours of ESPN Super Bowl Broadcasting. Here's the report from KRLD:
The Cowboys Stadium won’t be the only North Texas landmark getting a lot of camera time for the upcoming Super Bowl.  Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncreif is expected to announce this morning that ESPN has chosen Sundance Square to be the backdrop for all of it’s Super Bowl week coverage.  80 hours of coverage will be broadcast internationally on the network from the Sundance Square shopping and entertainment district.  The well-known Chisolm Trail mural will be prominently featured from January 31st up to game day on February 6th.  Business owners in Sundance Square are cheering, because although it’ll probably be pretty cold, the attention of the outdoor studio is expected to bring a lot of people into their shops and restaurants. Many other cities have been chosen to host various events surrounding the big game, including Dallas and Irving.  Planning is now in the final stages, because Super Bowl 45 is only 200 days away.
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