Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Patrizio's. Finally.

Here's the deal.

I can be kind of picky about Italian food, at least, the pasta, spaghetti sauce, pizza variety of Italian food. I can't help it. I grew up with grand-pop's home-made spaghetti, lasagna, ravioli, and sauce, so it's hard for me to eat-out Italian and walk away happy.

But I had heard good things about Patrizio's and the good wife wanted to try it. So we did last night.

The good news. The pizza was very good. For people who like thin, crispy pizza, I think only Cavalli's in Irving is better.* Patrizio's is better than Rocco's, in my opinion. It is very good. I had the cheese pizza with pepperoni.

Marian ordered the meat-layered lasagna. I'd put the lasagna in the not very good category. First, it was served warm-to-hot, but lasagna needs to be served very hot. The tomato sauce is very ordinary, but to be fair there wasn't much sauce added, and the pasta was over-cooked to an almost texture-less like quality. I can forgive differences in taste but a lukewarm plate and over-cooked pasta is just bad planning or execution. Sorry.

Service: great. We did go early to beat the crowd (and no it wasn't Mr.Seinfeld early) .

Atmosphere: I liked it. New building, clean lines, not ornate, but not just four walls, either.

Buzz at the bar: Good. Busy, but not packed

My only other complaint. If you serve a basket of complimentary bread to the table, make sure it's fresh. Our first basket was down right stale and the second basket, brought without our requesting it, wasn't much better. I have a suggestion and a promise. Serve me a basket of fresh, warm rolls when I am seated and I will be happy no matter what is served after that. Seriously. At an Italian restaurant, I want to smell the bread.

Conclusion: I will go back for the pizza. That is a good pizza-pie.

Patrizio's has five locations and is moderately priced.

2932 Crockett St., Fort Worth

* Footnote: Even though I'm mad at Cavalli's for putting their second store in McKinney, not Fort Worth, it's still the best pie in DFW. But McKinney, why the hell would you choose that nothing Dallas suburb over Fort Worth?


Anonymous said...

Mary Ann says, on account of this negative post about our favorite Italian place, you are officially in the dog house.

Francis Shivone said...

You know I fear the wrath of female. I will make any changes SHE feels necessary.

cherie' said...

Which location did you go to? There web site only lists 4 locations, none in FW. Maybe there's a new location that isn't shown on their website yet?

Francis Shivone said...

Sorry Cherie -- There is a new restaurant in Fort Worth on 7th Street at the West 7th development.

Sunni R. said...

Guess who likes this place of all people? Mr. "Food just makes a turd" himself, my father.

Just Me Saying said...

I am with you regarding the bread! I like fresh warm Italian bread with butter and I like to have it with my pasta instead of before.

Anonymous said...

We went to FTW Patrizio's when it first opened and the food was excellent--all of it: bread, app., entrees--especially considering the price. The service was middling but that does not really bother me. From now on, if we want Italian, we will go to Patrizio's.

By the way, who order's lasagna at a nice Italian rest.? Lasagna's peasant food, as someone said to me today.

Francis Shivone said...


Thank you for supporting Patrizio's.

I tasted some of the peasant food you had and it was very good, which is why I went to taste my own. Unfortunately . . . it wasn't very good.

Just me --
Great minds . . .

Sunni -- I had lunch with your dad a couple months ago. He paid, so I ordered the expensive stuff.

And he can't know anything about Italian food because he still says "I"talian.


shezzzy said...

We dined at the FW location 07/17. At first, with people standing/sitting all over--inside and out 110 degrees at 7:30...we had 1hr 45 min wait..Thank you for being honest..lady that greated us...When we wanted to return the beeper after 5 min. we were told only about 30 min...we stayed (party of 4) and had a round of mini bellinis..excellent..we were seated graciously and served impeccably. The food was great..the kitchen fast! (surprising with the restaurant so busy)We will definitely return.

Anonymous said...

For those who are blathering about great food at Patrizio's, I'd concur with the original poster that their pasta, sauce, bread, and pretty much everything else you'd expect from an Italian restaurant are sub-par to awful. Haven't tried the pizza but may go back one more time just to check it out. "Favorite" restaurants shouldn't be chosen based on how new, hip, and cool they may be...or that you "discovered" them.

It is the food that makes a good restaurant. And maybe a little service.


I'm sorry, but Cavalli's is overrated. certainly not worth the drive