Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Best Websites for Bargain Hunters.

This is not me -->

I'm not a big shopper. One of the side benefits of the internet is that I no longer have to set foot in a shopping mall, which to me, is a kind of hell with sky-lights. Nowadays, everything I need that malls have can be purchased on-line.

Nor can I say that I am a committed bargain hunter, I don't remember ever using a coupon, though I understand why people do. I think I'm more of a loyalty shopper, but like everyone, I like to find a good deal -- which includes a low price.

The Kiplinger Newsletter people had a very helpful summary of "Best Deal" websites that I spent a good deal of time looking at yesterday.

Sites on lowest price, like, which compares prices on 30 million products from 100,000 merchants. And coupon sites, like RetailMeNot who offers coupons from more than 40,000 stores and a community where you can get tips and deal info from others. Then there were the "hot deals" sites like DealsOfAmerica, which updates deals every hour. The Kiplinger article also listed gift card sites, rebate sites, and of course iphone and Droid app suggestions.

Anyway, if you are interested in bargain hunting, I enjoyed the information and found it useful:

Food related -- I thought this hand espresso maker looked pretty cool for $18. Found here:

(Maybe I should add that I do not have any connection, financial or otherwise, with any of the websites or products.)


Jennifer said...

I'm an online shopper too and it drives me nuts that my husband is not. I could save so much money buying my own Christmas gifts.
And I just have to say I love your note on the photo. I never would have guessed that's not you. It's exactly how I imagined you. :)

Francis Shivone said...

Have you ever seen a man smiling in a mall?