Friday, June 25, 2010

The Movies I 'll re-Watch almost Anytime.

There are a few movies I can watch again and again. Not all of them are great movies, some of them I like for being not great movies. Here they are in no particular order. I would be interested in any of your favorite "rewatchs."

Henry V / Kenneth Branagh
Branagh made Shakespeare popular, at least movie-popular, and his most popular production was his version of Henry V. I love it and have watched it dozens of times. The musical score is as good as the movie.

The Godfather / Francis F. Coppola
It is still the best of the three Godfather movies in every way. The development of the plot and characters leaves me spellbound. I don't know why more directors don't imitate the method of suspense-building.

The Blues Brothers / John Landis
Jake and Elwood. Belushi and Akroyd, plus, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Cab Calloway, Ray Charles, and a weapon-toting Carrie Fisher. "We're on a mission from Godt." Great music, too, obviously. 

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou / Coen Brothers
I have talked about this movie before. The music is as good as the movie. 

Goldfinger / Thunderball / Guy Hamilton
Sean Connery in all his double-entendre finest. I rarely watch them from start to finish but when some TV station has a Bond weekend I'll always look for these two.

Lawrence of Arabia / David Lean
I just can't get enough of this movie. Is there a better actor than Peter O'Toole?


Jennifer said...

Rudy & Steel Magnolias. I've seen clips of Henry V but not the whole thing. I'll have the Netflix it.

Francis Shivone said...

Jennifer --- Many people consider Steel Magnolias their favorite movie of all time. I have never seen it, I am afraid. I have seen Rudy, several times.

Henry V is a great story, based on fact, of course, the details of which are still discussed today, 600 years later. I saw a C-Span "moot court" last week debating the post war actions of Henry.

Before you know it you're at Henry VIII, Catherine of Aragorn and the beginning of a divided Church.

As always, thanks for commenting.

Stephen said...

The BBC Brideshead Revisited; Deer Hunter; Babette's Feast; The Stars Wars movies

Francis Shivone said...

Babette's Feast -- Yes.
Brideshead --- not so much
Deer Hunter -- Yo no se.
Star Wars -- yes, I agree, they can be rewatched a lot.

Lynn said...

Yay to Babette's Feast, which I own :) And to the musical question "is there a better actor than Peter O'Toole?", two words for you: (1)Sean, and (2)Connery. But I will cheerfully agree to put Mr. O'Toole in my top 10.

Francis Shivone said...

Lynn -- I accept your suggestion about Mr. Connery.

Technically, O'Toole is a better actor, but who likes being technical.

Just Me Saying said...

What a great topic! I wish I had thought of it!

Francis Shivone said...

Just Me -- Thanks, feel free to steal any ideas seen here. They are all stolen from someone else, anyway.