Thursday, June 17, 2010

How many people are moving in and out of the Fort Worth area?

For those of us who can't get enough of Almanac-type statistics, Forbes Magazine ran a fascinating visual data report. I came across it reading D Magazine online.

The report maps IRS migration data to and from counties in the USA with a line drawn to indicate the movement.

Does your home county have any lines to Tarrant County? It could be you.

Note: it requires 10 or more IRS-filed movements for the lines to draw. The data is for 2008.

Other observations:

-- Check out Detroit, Los Angeles, and Chicago.
-- Most of Tarrant County's red lines (movement away) are into Texas.
-- Austin is interesting.
-- Californians are moving out.

Here's the link: Forbes data for Tarrant County
D Magazine's link.

I'd like to hear any thoughts on the report. Please comment.


Jake Good said...

The line from Hennepin County (MN) to Tarrant County includes us for sure!

It's interesting... it would be crazy to see a graph over time with this as well... you could do a heat map over 100 years (animated) where people in and out change the temp.

Would be interesting to see!

Francis Shivone said...

Jake, actually I was thinking of you and Becca when I mentioned that.

And yea, your suggested "heat map" would be great.

Jake Good said...

It makes you wonder what other pieces of data correlate...

Temperature, job rate, elected officials, etc.

Lynn said...

Well *of course* they want to live in Fort Worth! Who wouldn't?

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!