Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fort Worth Blogs. What's New? What's Changing?

We have a healthy list of active bloggers in Fort Worth. We have a few dropping off but many more starting. 

Following is a list of new blogs and a couple of our most prominent blogs. For a more complete list of Fort Worth sites and blogs see the column to the right: "Local Sites I like."

June Naylor. Fort Worth Star Telegram food critic, June Naylor, started a blog a few months ago and is commenting on her travels around Texas. This blog provides reviews of popular and out-of-the-way restaurants in Fort Worth and all of Texas. She promotes her Texas Toast Culinary Tours through the blog. It is well written, of course, and a great resource for Texas lovers.

FortWorthology. Still "numero uno" for building and development information in Fort Worth as well as up to date business news on restaurants. Great photos and detailed information. Kevin Buchanan is a part of the Near Southside development group that promotes the area just south of downtown, including my favorite street, Magnolia.

Eat This Fort Worth. The best blog for information on what to do in Fort Worth -- this weekend. And good reviews of area restaurants. Always up-to-date information for food lovers in Fort Worth.

Steven Wade Smith. Steve hasn't posted much lately but he does have a sidebar on his blog where he reports on what he is reading, watching, or listening to. The sidebar always has something good. Steve is a writer worth emulating. the food blog: The most visited food-related site in Fort Worth. is a product of the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

Long Horn Lucy. I think she is retiring. Sorry to say. I like her posts.

Thoughts of Net Developer. Jake is not posting on his blog as much as he used to but if you follow him on Twitter (gooberdlx) you can keep up with the web, cloud computing, Apple,  assorted tech things, -- and restaurants, pubs, etc., in Fort Worth.

Hole in the Wall -- still cranking out good restaurant reviews. One or two a month. Unless I'm mistaken Hole in the Wall hasn't posted in about a month.

The Ravelled Sleave. A frequent commenter on F&FW. A good blogger and a devoted knitter.

Food and Fort Worth: Drivel -- don't waste your time.

New to me:

Just Me Saying. I like this blog. Easy to read and informative. Food, tech, Fort Worth.

Doohickie. Fort Worth guy writing about life in Fort Worth, especially bicycling.

Horsebits. This one is hard to put in a category but I have been going there often since I found it. Very bright guy, written in a stream-of-consciousness type way with lots of interesting links. Book reviews, business practices. One of my favorites.


Maranda Gibson said...

Thanks for the list! I'm in Fort Worth myself and just happened across your blog from a comment I saw on another. Small world huh? Thanks again for the list!

Francis Shivone said...

You are welcome. I enjoyed your Accu-conference blog posts as well.

Becca said...

Longhorn Lucy is back in action as of today actually!!

Francis Shivone said...

Becca --- reaaallllly. Glad to hear it.

Doohickie said...

Doohickie. Fort Worth guy writing about life in Fort Worth, especially bicycling.

...especially bicycling.

So, you're saying I need to get a life, huh?

Thanks for the mention and the other great links. If you haven't seen Rat Trap Press, that one's worth a look, too. Plus, although it's not a blog per se, Fort Worth Architecture Forum has a lot of active discussions about the city, past and present.

Francis Shivone said...

Doo - Leaving out the Fort Worth Architecture Forum was a big oversight on my part. I don't go by there as much as I once did, so I just forgot. I haven't been to Rat Trap, thanks.

FortWorthHoleInTheWall said...

Francis, I'm still around and just put up a new post this weekend. Thanks for including me despite my dereliction of duties.