Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I35 to Austin, 6th St., & Hut's Hamburgers

My son had to drive the to Austin yesterday and asked me if I would like to make the drive with him. Happy to escape the paint-roller-scraper routine of the home remodel, and happy to take any opportunity to spend time with one of my children, I said, yes, absolutely.

The reports I hear from regular Austin I-35 commuters fall somewhere between resignation to hatred. Understandably. There is a steady traffic stream almost any time of day and an abundance of trucks, all of which, to me, is a sign of a good and vibrant economy, but to the normal travel is just a beating. Our traffic and drive was actually pretty light, the weather was perfect, and the morning sausage rolls at the Czech Bakery in West made "all God's chillen happy."

I know it's not financially viable now, but in the future, a high speed rail between the triangled "metropoli" of DFW, SAT, and IAH would be high on my list of public works spending. Imagine riding your bike to our train station, taking a 2 hour ride train to Austin, sight-seeing there a while, and coming back that same day.

On to Austin.

Austin, downtown on 6th Street, has a nice feel to it. It is pedestrian busy, which is nice to see and I like the view of a Capitol dome in any American city. We walked around downtown looking for a good hamburger lunch and finally found Hut's on 6th Street. Hut's has been selling hamburgers in Austin since 1939 and I'm glad they made it to 2010 because that is one good hamburger. My son and I both like the tastefully old lunch place that doesn't have a lot of anything but chairs, tables, customers, and good food. Friendly and attentive waitstaff helps, as does a mounted animal head or two. Hut's has all of that. And good burgers. I don't like a tricked up burger, so I ordered the regular cheeseburger, which in Hut's case is #20. We split an order of onion rings and fries. All very good.

Then there's good traveling music, like this one released in 1969.


nemajo said...

I always take 281.. takes longer but, it's a much nicer drive.

Lynn said...

Completely off-topic (feel free to delete). I finally went to Yucatan Taco Stand (your review, May 2009). Either the food has improved, or we timed it just right. I liked the flavors (cabbage, not lettuce), the fish taco was better than OK, and the chicken lime tequila taco was pretty amazing warmed up the next day. Loved the beef empanadas, chips were too highly seasoned for my taste. Thought it was spendy, and definitely way too noisy inside, but too windy outside that night.

And I agree with Nemajo on *this* post: 281 is a better drive.

Francis Shivone said...

I have been to Yucatan twice and did not like it. I am really glad you did and that others do too. By the way, even I don't agree with everything I say.

Jake Good said...

I want to step in and say that I'm not incredibly impressed with Yucatan either...

I would only go back for their cabrito tacos and lime chicken nachos... Everything else is a waste of time IMHO.

callie said...

I'm not a Yucatan fan either but i love me some Hut's! :)