Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Melis Taqueria

I visited Melis Taqueria the other day. The little taco and sandwich stand on Vickery. I was told they a made good torta.

Now, I'm a big fan of the torta sandwich. Huge. It's Mexico's iteration of the Philly cheese steak, and like the cheese steak in Philadelphia, the torta is made and served from street stands all over Mexico. I spent a few summers in San Luis Potosi, Mexico and had a favorite restaurant named Tortugas that made them to order while you sat at the bar-type counter. For about a dollar (back then about 12 pesos) I was served two small but delicious sandwiches and a Coke.

Apparently, there are two major types of torta sandwiches, those made with a soft, almost sweet-roll, like the ones at Melis, and another, like I ordered in Mexico, which are served on a smaller hard roll. I prefer the latter.

It's not that I didn't like the sandwich. For $5 Melis serves a fair sandwich. My sandwich was a little shy on the meat and avocado, but like I say for $5 it wasn't bad. It was tasty and served hot, but I prefer the harder, smaller roll that has been grill toasted.

Just my opinion, folks -- and I will go back to Melis. 

Melis Taqueria
4304 W Vickery Blvd
Fort Worth, TX 76107


your mom said...

I go for the breakfast burritos and only the breakfast burritos. Everything else is good and will occasionally border on pretty good but the breakfast burritos are great.

Michael Bourgon said...

I've had a burrito there and it was decent, but not amazing.

My gold standard for tortas, for years, was this place in Houston near Montrose/Westheimer. Up here, it's been Esperanza's near the stockyards.

As of a couple of weeks ago, it's Salsa Fuego (Alta Mere & Camp Bowie West). Absolutely phenomenal, though you have to tell them to put avocados and sour cream on it.

Jake Good said...

Lots of pressure to review one of my favorite spots...

:: grin ::

Love their tortas... but for their chicken tacos you really have to catch them at a good time, otherwise their chicken is dry...

I would agree with the small amounts of meat and avacado, but wow do I love the bread!

Francis Shivone said...

Michael -- I will run not walk to Salsa Fuego if they have good tortas.

Mom -- (may you rest in everlasting peace) I will definitely go to Melis for the burrito.

Jake -- I thought I have heard you talk about Melis. Most people do like the roll. I prefer the firmer chewier roll, again just preference, one's not "better" than the other -- metaphysically, I mean. :)

Susan said...

I well remember the place in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. They had AMAZING torta sandwiches, which you introduced some of us to! Wish we had a place like that here in Washington State!

Francis Shivone said...

Hi Sue -- yes, and it was politely suggested to me by LP that a little less time finding the best restaurants and a little more working might be in order. He was right.

Lynn said...

*Love* the aguacate torta at Melis. I followed my friend Trainman there early on in our friendship; that was the night I got the call that the children's father had had a stroke in LittleBit's car. I came home long enough to throw my torta into the fridge and ride with one of my sons-in-law to the emergency room. When I got home, hours later, the sandwich was amazingly good cold. The next one, eaten several weeks later without a side dish of family drama, was even better. I like the play between soft, sweet, salty, savory. (I would probably like the other version as well.) I tackle Mount Washmore at the laundromat one block over. I will try the breakfast burritos, maybe tomorrow morning. I only wish I could use my debit card there.