Monday, April 5, 2010

36 Hours in San Antonio, Texas.

The "36 Hours" feature of the New York Times  has a nice hook. Every week the article reviews a different city, but with the premise, "Where should I go if I only have a weekend?"

This week they spent their hours in San Antonio, and as usual, listed the ten or so places to visit, including a few restaurants. As regular readers know, I like San Antone and am fortunate enough to visit a couple times a year. I have reviewed a  few San Antonio restaurants and a hotel or two. Also, we have a few regular readers from the Alamo city who comment. Okay, one reader, and he's my son.

Anyway, here is the unedited-and-without-comment list of the New York Times, "36 Hours in San Antonio."

For the full list and descriptions see the NYTimes / SanAntonio:
  • La Villita historic district / shopping
  • Il Sogno Osteria / restaurant
  • Casbeers at the Church / music
  • Pearl Brewery / historic site
  • The Cove / Burger
  • Museo Alameda / Art
  • River Walk and Alamo
  • Aldaco’s Stone Oak / patio dining
  • Green Lantern / cocktails
  • Smokehouse / barbecue
  • Brackenridge Park / walking 
  • Riverwalk Vista Bed & Breakfast / B&B
  • Valencia Riverwalk / smaller hotel
  • Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa / new hotel on the northside

Final note: The Marriott Hill Country is new and by the looks of it pretty spectacular. It is on the north side of the city and a bit of a drive into the Riverwalk area. But if you are looking for a weekend resort-type stay, the hotel should has wonderful views of the Hill Country and outdoor activities available.


Raul and Rachel said...

I love San Antonio, but I'm a little biased since I lived there most of my life. I have made Rachel fall in love with my city too. There are a lot of great places to go there...Surprised the list didn't have all the missions on there. We get to go to SA about once every couple of months and always enjoy it. It's easy when you have a free place to stay with family. You should try Panchito's on McCollumn...I believe that's the street...It's good Mexican food for a pretty good price. Oh...and you can't go to SA without getting a burger from Chris Madrid's!!

Francis Shivone said...

The NYTimes 36 Hours feature seldom finds the out of the way places but I do like their attempt. Thanks for the tips, next time I am there we'll look them up. I'm a fan of your hometown.

Anonymous said...

Panchito's is good but Taco Taco down the street is much better. Their Chilequiles are fantastic.

I was surprised, as well, that the missions were not on there. Those are th emost interesting buildings in San Antonio, I think.


Francis Shivone said...

Andrew -- Love me some chilequiles. And glad you made it home.