Thursday, February 4, 2010

La Playa Maya

Every once in a while I realize that I have left unmentioned a restaurant or a Fort Worth institution that deserves mentioning. La Playa Maya is one of those places.

I had lunch at La Playa Maya yesterday and it was as it always is, a comfortable combination of good food, great service and reasonable pricing.

One of qualities I like in a restaurant is an on-site and visible manager or owner. At our lunch, the manager was there greeting guests at the front door, and when the line was slow, making sure everyone was being helped. He took our order even though we hadn't been waiting long.

The chips are good, the salsa is good, and the food is served hot. I like La Playa Maya. They have been serving good Mexican food in Fort Worth for 20 years and now have four locations.


Steven said...

Agreed. Not a home run hitter, but always a solid performer. The enchilada plate is one of the best deals on Tex-Mex in town.

Rambler said...

Igot their tamales for Christmas one year and they were a hit. The manager told me they weren't selling them in bulk this year, but said he would try to get permission to do so anyway. I ended up getting them from Benitos, but appreciated his willing attitude.

Agreed: a good solid neighborhood restaurant.

Agivator said...

One of my favorites. Try the Vuelva la Vida seafood cocktail. Shrimp, squid, oysters and cocktail sauce. Mmmm.