Sunday, February 7, 2010

Balcone's Whiskey & Garrison Bros. Distillery

Now this looks like a fun road trip. 

Steve Campbell of the Star-Telegram reported yesterday, that Texas now has two micro-distillers in the area. One in Waco and one in Fredericksburg. They are the first legal distilleries in Texas since the Prohibition-era.

From the Star-Telegram:
"Balcones Distilling Co. in Waco started producing the first legal whiskey made in Texas since Prohibition when it introduced Baby Blue, made from roasted Hopi blue corn.
Owner Chip Tate, who describes himself as an "intuitive nerd," also distills a 94-proof liquor dubbed Rumble, made from Texas wildflower honey, Mission figs and turbinado sugar. It's rum-like in makeup, but more akin to single malt or a young cognac. Both liquors retail from $33 to $39 a bottle."
"Tate's spirits hit the bar shelves first, but Dan Garrison lays claim to having the oldest whiskey in Texas."
"His Garrison Brothers Distillery on his ranch in Hye, east of Fredericksburg, started distilling his single brand Texas Straight Whiskey in January 2008. He has produced 600 barrels and planned to age it for two years and start selling in 2011. But he now expects the first release of his "ultra-premium" bourbon "sometime soon."

"We're making the finest bourbon of anywhere in America today. It's darker, it's richer and it's more flavorful," he said. And for that, he hopes to sell it on the top retail shelf for $69.95 a bottle."
My days of enjoying a glass of single-malt or bourbon have passed, I am afraid, but I sure would like to visit the facilities.

I wish them well and hope that I can visit some day soon.

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Julie said...

Don't overlook Tito's Handmade Vodka, distilled in Austin since the late 90s.

Francis Shivone said...

Thanks Julie, I had heard about Tito's but forgot about it.

Lynn said...

I don't drink at all, but I know where Hye is. When we had lived and our business in Fbg, our secretary was born and reared in Hye; she still had family living there. Any time I drove through Hye, I would wave at her brother's house and holler, "Hi, Hye!" (Yeah, I'm weird like that!)

Francis Shivone said...

Thanks Lynn, are you sure you weren't tipping the Bourbon?