Friday, January 1, 2010

M & O Station Grill.

Yesterday, I was introduced to what I think may be the best hamburger in town, which is kind of embarrassing for me, even given that I have been out of town for two years, because they have been in town for four years. I should have have known about it, and now thankfully, I do.

The fine establishment to which I refer is the  M & O Station Grill.

My son told me about it and that M&O had received the Fort Worth Weekly, Readers Choice award for best hamburger, 2009. I said, "let's go," and go we did, expecting good things and finding better than we expected.

I'll go this far: I could easily place M&O as my favorite hamburger in Fort Worth and will do so if, after returning a few times, it is as good as it was yesterday.

The reason takes a little explanation. My biggest beef (sorry) with the "premium" hamburger place is that in order to accommodate our American need for fast service, the burgers are pre-cooked, at least, partially. This is not a problem during the lunch rush because they are being served at the same rate as they are being cooked. But if the restaurant is not crowded, or if one arrives early, the burgers can be dry and overcooked, even though they are made from quality ground meat. Good food is not just the ingredients, but temperature, texture, and other less material things, as well.

M&O has a good solution. When we ordered I noticed, ball-shaped, slightly baked (?) hamburger meat dropped on the grill and then flattened to fry. Result: juicy, hot burgers, cooked through with slightly pink centers, and served in about 5 minutes. The bun was grill warmed and not too greasy. All together, I have to say, fantastic.

The french fries were whole cut potatoes and fried. Very tasty and not greasy, although I think they could be a little less stingy on them.

The staff is friendly and the service was excellent. The restaurant is small, about ten tables, but comfortable.

I loved it.

The M & O Grill is next door to Leonard's museum, just north of the Montgomery Plaza, Super Target on 7th.

From the M&O Grill website
The 7th Street Station Grill, a popular Fort Worth eatery for the past four years, has moved a few blocks north of their old location and been renamed M&O Station Grill. That's "M" for Marvin and "O" for Obie as in the Leonard brothers, well known for that Fort Worth icon, Leonard's Department Store. The restaurant adjoins the Leonard's Department Store Museum and M&O owner Rose and her husband Chef Danny Badillo wanted to show their appreciation for their good neighbor, Marty Leonard and also to building owner, Jimmy Jenkins for their part in helping make "M&O" happen.

The Badillo's are "hands on" restaurant owners with Chef Danny giving every recipe the very best flavor and assuring the highest quality, traits that were acquired during 24 years as sous-chef at Fort Worth's prestigious Petroleum Club. Rose is the smiling lady greeting all of her guests and making menu suggestions while taking their orders. The 50's style setting throughout makes the restaurant feel like home and outside you'll find umbrella shaded tables for dining on the patio.


nemajo said...

Yes, M&O is good... sorry if I've already asked you this but, have you tried The blue Tower Cafe?

They have some of the best burgers in town... especially the Mushroom Swiss w/ hand cut fries..

Anonymous said...

Agree that the burgers at M&O are very good. Been there once and had that big one with double everything (King something). One suggestion - skip the "burger sauce".

For the record, I still remain loyal to the #3 at Charlies.

Josie said...

These are my favorite burgers right now, I love the hand formed patties, the buns -everything is just right. I got the California with avocado - deliciousness!

Sunni R. said...

can't wait to try them!

cwheat said...

Hands down M&O is the best. My first choice is the Blue Cow and if they have the Chorizo Burger on special that day - GO FOR IT. You WILL not regret it.

Francis Shivone said...

Nemajo -- you have mentioned Blue Tower. I haven't been but I will make it my next burger stop. Thanmks.

cmwheat -- I love chorizo

Josie -- and avocado. I'm working my way up, or is it down, the menu.

Anon -- I need to go to Charlies as well.

Jake Good said...

I went to Blue Tower Cafe...

Good stuff!

Been waiting to go to M&O for a while.. soon enough

Jake Good said...

Francis Shivone said...

Thanks Jake -- Blue Tower -- I knew I had heard of it but forget you had done that review. I need to go this week.

Lynn said...

MMM, can't wait to try this place, thanks! (Now I'm officially hungry!)