Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

TODAY -- the new Fort Worth Museum of Science and History got rave reviews from my daughter, her husband, and their children. "On a scale of 1 to 10, it's a 10 . . ."

From the museum "fact sheet":
 . . . located in the heart of Fort Worth’s Cultural District. The world-class, 166,000 square-foot facility features a collection of new, interactive exhibits and programs developed by the Museum’s staff and a team of nationally recognized designers in support of the Museum’s dedication to informal, discovery-based learning for all.
I can't wait to go. Has anyone else been since it has re-opened? They say the new planetarium is amazing.


Jennifer said...

How exciting! We haven't been yet and probably won't go until the Stock Show is over, but my son attends Museum School and is looking forward to the new classrooms after 2.5 years in the portable rooms.

Francis Shivone said...

Jenn -- they bought the family plan which is a much better deal if you go often, plus gives you access to the Omni and planetariums inexpensively. I'm looking forward to a visit as well.

nemajo said...

Already bought our family plan and have been several times.. We all love it!

Can't wait for my kids to attend museum school there...

0ccam said...

We went. We didn't look at very much yet, but we bought the "Couple" Membership so we can go back whenever for however long. Haven't been to the Planetarium yet either.
We did go see some of the activity rooms for kids (the wife's a teacher) and she was pretty impressed. More here: WM7Q5D