Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Favorite News Picture of the Year, 2009.

The Star Telegram website has posted their "most-read stories of 2009".  Our favorite, and a surprise favorite worldwide, is their number seven, the story of  soldier and local boy, Zachary Boyd.

I was in Philadelphia at the time the picture and story first appeared and saw it on television news

Just in case someone hasn't read the story, here's a summary from the Star Telegram: "Spec. Zachary Boyd, a 2007 graduate of Keller Central High School, was in his sleeping quarters when the Taliban attacked in the rugged mountains of eastern Afghanistan. Boyd rushed to a defensive position clad in his helmet, vest and boxers -- the pink ones decorated with the "I Love NY" slogan."

You gotta love this guy.


(As a matter of interest, he is also wearing sandals -- obviously no time to don the boots, and is wearing a red t-shirt, which probably can be seen clearly from 5 miles away -- not exactly desert camo. The middle soldier looks to be wearing silver running shoes.)

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raulrach said...

Everyone needs to see that picture!!