Saturday, November 7, 2009


There is a temptation to leave unmentioned the restaurants that are good, consistent, and unchanging.  Charleston's is such a place. It has served good food and provided good service since being established, I'm not sure how many years ago (10?).

The Fort Worth restaurant is part of a small chain of about twenty Charleston restaurants in the southwest. The menu is traditional American: steaks, hamburgers, salads, seafood, and a few pasta dishes. Charleston's separates itself from other restaurants by serving quality food, prepared well, and served professionally. They have a niche: casual, quality, simple. The menu is small, which I like. It makes what they do possible.

Last night, four of us visited the Hulen Street restaurant. Entrees ordered: two grilled chicken salads, one chicken fried steak, and one plate of rigatoni's. All of them were good and the portions, substantial. We also ordered a chips and queso appetizer which was excellent. Additionally, every guest is served a signature, honey-dripped dinner croissant with the entree. At some restaurants the bun is a throwaway. Not at Charleston's. I look forward to getting the croissant as much as I do the meal. It's a good thing they serve only one per person.

Can you find a cheaper steak or salad in town? Absolutely. Charleston's is in the high middle range on prices, but for the money and for dependability, I don't think you can do much better.

Charleston's is the like the front page news headline, "Sun rises in the east. Again."  Last night, they did what they do always do. You just expect it.


Jake Good said...

I haven't been there yet... but I do love the Covey next door... good food (unique) and great beer...

Btw, we should do a dinner out next weekend?

Lynn said...

Brother Sushi and I have eaten there twice. Good food, lovely service. I was ravenous last time, so I asked for [and got] another croissant. *Heaven*.

Have you and the Mrs. tried Chef Point yet?

Francis Shivone said...

Jake -- I hear the Covey is good. I'll email you about a dinner.

Lynn -- I go for the croissants. We have not tried Chef Point, but will thanks.

malibu boy said...

I agree with your assessment about Charleston's. What else I have liked...the kind of dark's such a relaxing place to eat.