Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Couple of Words.

I was working on a house remodel the other day and noticed the word "plenum" on the central heater instructions. It is the box-like chamber that holds the hot air.  I knew what the plenum was, but for the first time it struck me as odd because technical description words are usually functional and self-explanatory, like screw-driver, or refrigerator. "Plenum" seemed like it may have a history, so I looked it up. Indeed, it is an old Latin word, used to describe a chamber that holds a gas with a positive pressure. Its opposite is "vacuum," as in "horror vacui", or "nature abhors a vacuum." I guess if nature abhors a vacuum, it's fond of a plenum?

Since it is Halloween, I have noticed a lot of candy advertisements, and the word "nougat" caught my attention.  It is a word that strikes me as funny. I looked it up also, knowing that it is the filling in a Mars bar, but not knowing that is usually made of sugar, egg whites and nuts. Nougat has French origins and is related to the word, "nut." Next time you are with friends, and after a few glasses of adult beverages have been consumed, just say the word. Nougat. See what happens.

I keep seeing the phrase, "man up," or its local cousin,"cowboy up." I don't know if this phrase is new, but it is to me. I like the "cowboy up" version. It has a nice local sound, and the "b" in boy and "p" in "up" work nicely together. I take it to mean, "quit your whining and get on with it," a sentiment I embrace for men. Not to put too serious a twist on an otherwise purposeless post, but I think the world could use a little re-appreciation for the traditional male virtues: Courage, Loyalty, Faithfulness. If that is the meaning of the phrase, I am all for it.

For now, anyway.


Lynn said...

Yea, verily. I think the female equivalent is "put on your big-girl panties and deal with it", which I also like.

Francis Shivone said...

Nice to hear from you, Lynn.