Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yogolait. Frozen Yogurt.

I have a suggestion the next time you go out for dinner: go to Yogolait for a frozen yogurt dessert. I did last night and boydaddy it is good. The store is in a small shopping center south of Central Market, a couple stores from Starbucks.

The Yogolait concept is self-serve for both the frozen yogurt and the toppings. Yogolait provides paper cups and the customer chooses from a selection of 8 or so flavors and does the dispensing himself. Same with the toppings.

Our favorite: the classic tart frozen yogurt with toppings of assorted berries and nuts, and maybe a little chocolate. (We were daily visitors to a very similar store in Philadelphia)

Pay by the ounce. A small serving costs about $3 - 4.

It is so good it is scary.

For a detailed list of yogurt flavors and toppings:

3250 Hulen St #130
Fort Worth, TX 76107


Victor Shivone said...

Yummy, without the guilt. There's a slogan for ya.

Jake Good said...

Super tastey!

Just went, ate my super fast... Once again, an awesome place just down the street from me!

They have a blog *and* are on Twitter (@yogolait)

Anonymous said...

Awesome place.
Best yogurt in town by far.
Make a trip there.. you won't regret it.