Monday, September 7, 2009

Love Shack. So 7. Very Good.

Four of us went to the Love Shack off 7th Street today. I hate to admit it but I ordered the Penne Pasta salad-- it's a diet thing. The salad was very good, but this place is about the hamburgers.

Andrew, who had a hamburger, gave me his review:

1. Nice festive atmosphere. Not enough indoor seating in the summer. A good atmosphere all around.
2. Dirty Love Burger. The burger was excellent, the bun was toasted well, the bacon was a real piece of flavorful bacon, not some wilted piece of shingle. The meat was perfect: juicy, thick, hot. Perfect. Special sauce was great as well. One question: why the quail egg? It was overcooked and flavorless. I was hoping the yoke was going to break and spill out onto the burger. I was even eagerly anticipating the moment. But nothing.
3. Anasazi beans were a welcome side dish. Something different than french fries.
4. Very impressed. Will go back very soon.

. . . If only So7 had other tenants . . .
Editors comments: I tasted the pinto beans and they were delicious. I tried the french fries and they were good, not great. Then again, I have been eating Thrashers Boardwalk fries at Rehoboth Beach all summer and it just doesn't get any better. Love's fries were a little wimpy, but they were fresh cut real potatoes. As far as the egg on the burger -- I'll take an egg on anything and love it. But if it is overcooked and the yoke is hard I think it tastes rubbery. I tried Andrew's Dirty Love Burger and the egg was overcooked for my taste. But the important point is that Love Shack makes a very good hamburger at a reasonable price.


Jake Good said...

I've been 2 times, once for their pre-opening... and another for their "after they have sorted the kinks out"...

Fries - bleh, I'm a fan of *meaty* fries...

Chile Chips - the side to go with.

Dirty Love Burger - super tastey! I'd put it as tastier than Kincaids and Tommy's... The quail egg was over done both times in my burger, but I had a large one the second time and could actually taste it.

It's not a bad place at all, in fact, it might become my defacto "go-to" place for a burger...

cd0103 said...

I love this place.
Fries-- I am like Jake

Chile Chips- great.

My egg was not overdone and I loved it. Make ask for the egg to be cooked even less next time.

The deviled eggs were great, but very expensive.

Jalapeno Cucumber Margarita-- Yummy.