Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ellerbe Fine Foods

Food in Fort Worth... there's plenty of it... and there's plenty of personality behind the wonderful eating establishments... Places that come to mind: Nona's, Fred's, JJ's, , the list goes on and on.

More recently, the Magnolia area has seen another addition that has taken off and really shown Fort Worth what personal attention to ingredient selections and home town tastes can do for a great meal.

Ellerbe Fine Foods on 1501 W. Magnolia St. is the new spot to get very good service, great wine selection, and incredibly fresh/tasty meals.

My wife, Becca (of the West), Josie Singleton (Eat This Fort Worth), and myself took a "neccessary" trip to Ellerbe's for an article in the current issue of Fort Worth Foodie. The article was about focusing on locally grown organic foods and their importance (not to mention their fantastic taste).

Enough rambling... Here's the quick rundown of dinner... Probably one of the better meals you can get in Fort Worth. I'm not kidding. We've ventured out to many different establishments, but the tastes that we had at Ellerbe's, was quite possibly unmatched.

We sample several of their appetizers, entrees, and even deserts. Here's the quick breakdown...

Homegrown tomato salad - nice, big, flavorful tomatoes with hushpuppy croutons. Good, strong flavors.
Texas peaches and Deborah’s Farmstead Chevre - lovely comibination of cheese and peaches.
Watermelon, cantalope, shaved proscuitto, goat cheese, and a balsamic reduction - my favorite, flavors were very bold, sweet, savory, all over the place!

Curried Lamb Chops, Latte De Feta, Warm Couscous Salad, Tzatziki - incredible. The lamb chops were perfectly done (moist, pink, spiced just right)... The couscous was nice with the smooth feta.. and the Tzatziki gave a cool topping to the spiced lamb.

Grilled Airline Chicken Breast, Port Glazed Lightsey Figs, Mascarpone Polenta, Grilled Asparagus - Very tastey polenta with the mascarpone. Very Earthy feel to it. Chicken was properly prepared and mixed very well with the polenta.

Texas Peach and Prosecco Semifreddo - sweet, sparkling, tastey...
Maw Maw's Bread Pudding - not bad, really really rich...
and a pot of French pressed coffee - they put the water in too hot, slightly burnt

Overall, like I said earlier, the service was prompt and attentive (and very knowleadgeable)... the meal was no less than great, and I definitely put my seal of approval on the place...


Francis Shivone said...

Great post. Magnolia has always been my favorite street in Fort Worth but it is only the last few years that it is becoming a destination on its own. Sounds like Ellerbe's adds a lot and I can not wait to try it.

Saturday night, Becca(of the East), her husband, my wife and I visited Scampi's for the greek food and loved it.

If you plan another food reviewer night at Ellerbe's let me know.

Thanks Jake.

Josie said...

Nice post Jake! I'm still crafting my review on that nights meal, I've had some serious writers block lately - maybe the words will come and I can finally stop staring out my window.

Sunni R. said...

I had a patient rhapsodize about Ellerbe's a couple of weeks ago and I'm so excited to try it also. We used to go to Scampi's for lunch a lot when I worked in the medical district, and I'm glad they are still serving it up. That was always a reliably good, fresh meal, with such friendly people and cozy atmosphere.