Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yahoo News: "The Alamo is a Tourist Trap"

Yahoo makes some bad decisions and this was one of the worst. A few weeks ago their lead news story was, "Overrated US Tourist Traps," and the Alamo was listed as one of them. Quoting from the article:
The Alamo, otherwise known as Mission San Antonio de Valero, sits on roughly four acres in downtown San Antonio, a short distance from the River Walk. Much of the original structure is no more, and what remains are a few small stone buildings and some neatly trimmed lawns. The audio tour concludes in an exceedingly well-provisioned gift shop. Andrew Harper
I have a difficult time considering a monument to bravery and selfless actions a tourist trap. It may not be of interest to everyone but respect dictates a more honorable description. Whether or not all of the buildings are there is not the point. The Lincoln Memorial is a monument to a great President, does it need a multi-media presentation to be considered "worth it." Maybe we should add some rides and interactive games to the Alamo. How would that do?

I took my school-aged children to the Alamo to show our respects to the men and women who died there. I considered it hallowed ground, like the battlefields of Gettysburg. I asked my children to walk around quietly even though they did not understand why. I did the same at Gettysburg and Valley Forge. They too are nothing but fields and a couple of huts, by the way.

A nation is a kind of family and a certain respect needs to be shown those who make sacrifices for the other members. We all find different things interesting, but some things should be sacred.

I'll be less polite. Mr. Harper is a dumb-ass for writing the tourist trap story. I suggest he stay on the north side of the Red River. Find a casino. Have some fun.


0ccam said...

Yeah, that guy has completely discredited himself.

Lynn said...

I'm an Idaho girl who got here as soon as she could. I felt the same spirit at the Alamo that I did when I visited the Korean memorial and the Wall in DC. The writer should stick to places like Six Flags or Jerry Jones' temple to Mammon in Arlington. {I *get* the Alamo; I do not *get* football.)

Doug said...

So, how do you feel about the current secession movement?

bryan said...

I agree with what the Yahoo reviewer said. I enjoyed the museum and feel that it was very respectful of the men who sacrificed themselves for Texas. I was very dismayed when I was unceremoniously dumped into a large gift shop crammed with cheap Texas/Alamo souvenirs. The gift shop was by far the largest building at the site and was clearly a money-making operation. It was in very poor taste and ruined my Alamo visit.

Francis Shivone said...

I understand the desire we all have to commercialize places like the Alamo -- but -- it is 100% supported by donations, sales and lots of volunteers. Valley Forge and Gettysburg are similar.

Rambler said...

I hardly ever go into the Alamo as it stands today. The fighting was, by and large, in the plaza out front; it's nice to sit out there, look around, and think about what happened.

Actually, I really like to go to San Fernando Cathedral, where the ashes of the defenders rest. For me, it's a little more immediate than the Alamo itself and it's a Church, to boot.