Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's Saturday, May I Digress?

White People.

They are a strange
bunch of folks.

Friendly? Yes, annoyingly so sometimes. But strange.

I say this because I have a Facebook account and I look at the pictures. Yes, the white people pictures.

Go to a white persons wedding on Facebook and find me a white person dancing who doesn't look stupid; the arms and legs always flaying around, facial expressions distorted, tie's loosened, white sweat everywhere. It's embarrassing I tell you. I say if you can't dance don't. You may not mind being your uninhibited self on the dance floor but the rest of us find it damned awkward.

I think white people are trying to act non-white. They would be much better off doing the fox-trot or the waltz or some such thing. Watch the old Lawrence Welk show. That's how white people are supposed to act.

Everybody's happier that way.

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