Monday, August 10, 2009

Top Ten Water Activities During a Heat Wave

rom least
expensive to more expensive.

1. Lawn Sprinklers. They seemed to work well when I was a kid. Although jumping through a sprinkler gets a little monontonous after the third trip. I spiced it up a little for my kids by playing base tag with the sprinkler in the middle.

2. Your neighbor's swimming pool. This is why God gave us neighbors -- to use their swimming pool. When they are away on vacation and you can use it without them knowing it is even better.

3. Your own KMart swimming pool. I advise against this one. You've had one so you know why.

4. A real swimming pool. It's a little late to have one installed, but at some point any amount of money is worth it.

5. Country Clubs have pretty good deals these days for swim-only memberships.

6. Burgers Lake. Hey whats an occasional water born microbe gonna hurt. Actually, my kids used to enjoy Burgers Lake. Is it still open?

7. Airport Marriott. Still my sentimental favorite. Weekend rates, rooms on the pool level, bar, restaurant. Putt - putt golf in the hallways. Or closer, the Omni for the weekend. They have a rooftop pool.

8. Area lakes. I'm not a big lake person so I can't help much here.

9. The long drive to Corpus Christi. Nah.

10. Comal River around New Braunfels. I love this one. The water is as clear as can be. Cool. Spring fed. The best water spot in Texas. Likewise, tubing along the Guadalupe and drop off at Gruene. Then stay for beer and country music at Gruene Hall. Good choice there.

10b. Still too damn hot? Go north and east to a very big body of water called the Atlantic.


catherine said...

Greatness! I love your top ten!! These made me smile! :-)

Burger's Lake is indeed still open for business - we haven't been in years, but friends have been very recently! At $12.00 per person (6 & under is free), it's not a bad deal! Here's their web site:

Our favorite way to beat the heat - somewhere between 3 & 4, I think - is the local waterpark! :-) The biggest in the area is of course, Six Flags' Hurricane Harbor in Arlington - day passes range from $19.99 to $24.99, so season passes are worth considering if your kiddos go often...

We usually frequent the community pools, which are smaller, more suitable for younger families & generally a LOT cheaper. Most include a "splash playground", "lazy river", water slides, etc. A few here in the Mid-Cities still offer a pretty good bang for your buck - Hurst Parks & Rec, for example, has two, Chishom & Central: residents can get a day pass for $1 per person, non-residents for $4. Some of the newer & nicer parks, such as the Keller Pointe & NRH20, are a little pricier...

Francis Shivone said...

I knew I forgot one. Absolutely. The old Wet and Wild, Hurricane Harbor. And the new community pool/parks. Thanks.

Jennifer said...

#10 sounds interesting. I've never been.

Victor Shivone said...

The river trip sounds like a blast, and I like that it is spring feed. Oh...and for 10b., it is definately open. September is my favorite month to swim in the Atlantic. I would think the Gulf of Mexico would be pretty nice this time of year except for the occasional Hurricane.Maybe May would be better, come to think of it. Hurricanes don't seem to be so infrequent.

Elizabeth said...

Love it! Back-yard sprinklers were the best!

Francis Shivone said...

Honestly, the Comal River is worth a visit. The smallest river in Texas. There are apartments suites you can rent for a day or a week. The water is crystal clear. Of course, the Guadalupe is well traveled for the tubing. I mention Gruene because that is, or was, one of the drop off points for the tubes. And since Gruene Hall is there, and is the oldest honky Tonk in Texas, and is just a cool place to hang out, it deserves a visit as well.

Lynn said...

I love the country store in Gruene. I bought a Christmas ornament for a friend over-the-pond: a miniature longhorn skull with a tiny wreath draped over one horn. I almost didn't give it to him.

I have no wish to dip a toe in Joe Pool Lake or Lake Arlington. Throw bread to the birds at the latter? Check! Sully my epidermis? I don't think so!

Fort said...

If you're headed down to the Comal you might as well take the scenic route back up 281 and hit Krause Springs ($5/person) for a natural spring and pool, complete with rope swing and cave.

Francis Shivone said...

Thank Fort -- I have not been -- but the we do like the 281 drive to San Antone.

Anonymous said...

I recently saw a u-tube video of a man that had a few extra pounds on him performing the head first slide. It was great.