Friday, August 21, 2009

Top Ten Things to Do at Hatch Chile Festival:

The top ten things you should do at Central Market's Hatch Chile Festival:

1. If they are giving a sample and it has a chile in the ingredients, take it.

2. Purchase a very cold drink.

3. Stop by the salad bar, admire the fresh vegetables and display. No purchases here today.

4. Find the free sample of the hot chile sausage wrap. Get one.

5. Walk through the store and see what other samples are available. Taste all.

6. Put on disguise glasses and mustache and go back for another Hatch Chile sausage sample. Use foreign accent when saying, thank you.

7. Enjoy a 16 ounce Shiner summer ale or some such draft beer.

8. Buy one of everything with a chile in it.

9. Stop by Costco on the way home, you need a deep freezer.

10. Thank God you live in Texas.

11. __________________________

Okay that took me about 10 minutes -- what am I missing?


Jake Good said...

You're making my mouth water!

They have signs up this year advertising that you can buy whole crates... I'm tempted.

Jennifer said...

Important question: Hatch Chile Desserts, yay or nay? I saw apple pie and brownies yesterday and I'm thinking 'nay'.

Francis Shivone said...

I say nay on the dessert, although chile spice and chocolate go together well, if you have ever had a good mole' you know what I mean, and Jake I could go through a crate, I do believe.

Victor Shivone said...

I'd like to try the dessert. I just ate and I want to eat again.

Jake Good said...

re: dessert... it really depends on how *much* chile they put in. I've had the Hatch chile brownies (really, there isn't much I haven't had) and the first one I got was pretty nasty. Too much chile flavor.

The complexity, if done right, is nice. Kind of one of those warm, heated feelings with a smooth chocolate taste. That said, it has to be the right amount.

Lynn said...

What are you missing? Me, apparently. I was at Central today, too.

If you want to borrow my really cool sunglasses for your next trip through the sausage sample line, say the word!

Jake Good said...

You *have* to try the Dolche de leche with Hatch Chiles (Gelato form).

Tastey... very good.

me said...

I couldnt bring myself to try that Jake. Ice cream with Hatches... Nah

Gloria Chadwick said...

#10 -- Amen!