Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kentucky Fried Chicken. Grilled. Great.

I have not been to a Kentucky Fried Chicken in many years. I haven't spent $25 there in 25 years. Until yesterday.

Someone had told me that their new product, the grilled chicken, was good. So yesterday my wife and I decided to give it a try.

It wasn't good -- it was great. And I will go one compliment further, it was the best breast of chicken I have had in many years. Delicious. Hot, juicy, cooked perfectly, slightly crispy outside. It looked great, it smelled great, and it tasted great. I do not think you could make it taste any better. I am dead serious.

Now, that was only one visit, maybe I got lucky. Maybe I will go back and something will be different, but if they keep it up, KFC will be getting a lot of new business, at least from me.

Cost for one good size chicken breast? About $2.40, I think. Meals are even a better value. My wife had the chicken pot pie and said it was very good.
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Tyler Awesome Coolage said...

Yes! There it is! I've been meaning to try their new grilled chicken, but I was waiting for just such an endorsement. So....there it is!

Oh, and whatever happened to your "White People Are Awkward" post? Because I had this to say:

The End.

Francis Shivone said...

Thanks Tyler. Yea it is good. I responded in an email on white folks.

Anonymous said...

I've tried KFC's new grilled chicken as well, it tasted wonderful. BUT, my chicken was salty and oh-so-slightly greasy. That bummed me out a bit, why would grilled chicken be so salty and greasy at all? (Answer: it was shipped grilled and then reheated? If so, ick.)

Francis Shivone said...

I do not know how or when they are cooked, but I will find out.

I have emailed KFC and will ask them about my liking their new menu and will ask if they reply.

Getting even a simple item like grilled chicken consistently good on the scale they are working in is extremely difficult, so my hopes aren't too high that it will be good all the time.

I do like salty so maybe I didn't notice that part. It was perfect to me.

Lynn said...

They have revived their chicken pot pie? The last time I went through their drive-through, I was told it had been discontinued several years ago. I am now officially a happy camper.

Lynn said...

Holy cow, there's almost a day's worth of sodium in one of those babies!

Francis Shivone said...

Lynn: My wife said the CP/Pie was great. Now this was near Philly that we bought one. And I doubt you could put them on the healthy side of the menu charts.

Jake Good said...

While I would not be surprised if it were all true, I can't help but cry "propaganda" with the last comment...

I'm all for companies choosing humane ways to produce food, but blindly plastering of accusations against a company without proof other than "that's what I heard on the internet" doesn't help!

If you *really* want to help the cause, put up some sources, take a stand and continue to spread the word!

Francis Shivone said...

In reference to Jake's post -- the previous comment, the one to which he is referring was deleted. While this is an "open" weblog it is also privately operated, and comments are allowed at the discretion of the owner. If you want to email me privately about your concerns you may. Thank you.

Sami said...

That's crazy! I mean, I love their fried chicken but I never thought their grilled chicken would be all that great. I am glad to hear that one of the fast food chains has a (relatively) healthy alternative. Something mom's always look for, especially when you can get enough for the whole family for a great deal. (Plus, gives me more of a reason to go there and get some of those delicious biscuits)

clasificados said...

Wow! i thought you were featuring about kfc. lol!

anyways, i really like fried chicken and wanted to try those grilled chicken you have mentioned. It taste seem promising.