Monday, August 17, 2009

Hatch Chile Festival. Weekends: Aug. 21 and Aug. 28.

2014 Update:
Hatch Chile Festival August 6 - August 19. Just go you won't be disappointed.

My favorite Central Market event. The Hatch Chile Festival. The following is taken directly from their website.
It's always been Central Market's claim to flame – each August, more than eight full truckloads of these beauties are delivered from Hatch, New Mexico, the Chile Capital of the World, as part of a celebration so big it takes not one, but two weekends to do it right. This time of year, we take our usual delicious recipes and add Hatch Chiles for an extra kick. Make sure to pick up your favorites, and look for our Hatch Chile cookbook, filled with Hatch-heavy recipes from savvy Central Market cooks – our shoppers! Mild or hot, fresh or roasted, toasted or diced, it is – at last – that Hatch time of year!
I think my first introduction to Central Market was in the parking lot of the store maybe six months before it opened and when they were having their first Hatch Chile event. They had a small kiosk in the parking lot with a grill and plenty of Hatch Chiles. They handed me a hot Hatch Chile sausage link wrapped in a flour tortilla. Right off the grill. One bite and I was in chile heaven. I still buy them every year.

Have a favorite Hatch Chile product? Fill me in. Thanks.
Central Market's annual Hatch Chile Festival
August 21 – August 23 & August 28 – August 30


Jake Good said...

I love it when they switch to Hatch chile burgers for Burgers and Boch...

Also a fan of Hatch Chile and Shrimp quesadillas...

Jennifer said...

I stopped by there this morning and picked up a rotisserie chicken, the hatch chile tortillas, and cheese for quesadillas. Remarkably good. Last year, we sauteed chicken with the fresh peppers - also very good.
The Hatch Chile Festival is probably the only thing to look forward to in Texas in August.

Francis Shivone said...

I like the sound of both suggestions.

rambler said...

I went last year and enjoyed it. The cream cheese dip was good. But it was hot... the weather I mean.

Victor Shivone said...

Sounds like fun!!!!!!1