Friday, August 7, 2009

The Best Places to Visit in Fort Worth and Dallas.

Best places to visit? My favorite places to take guests? It is a question I am often asked. This post addresses that question. The selections are, of course, reflective of my interests and the interests of my guests, and I am sure I have missed more than a few. But these are the ones that came to mind quickly.
  1. Central Market. Fort Worth, I30 and Hulen. Most of my friends like good food so Central Market is a must see. Great place for lunch or weekend Beer and Burger.
  2. Bass Hall / Downtown Fort Worth. If there isn’t a show you want to see, walk by, walk in, and get a tour. It is one of the world’s best halls for voice performance. It is host to everything from opera to country music.
  3. Stockyards / Far north side of Downtown. It has more than a little bit of the touristy old West feel but the remnants of old Fort Worth are there. The place cattle drives stopped and the industries that developed around them. In the evening you can find an small but authentic Texas beer joint or you go to Billy Bob’s, the world’s largest honky-tonk. You ought to go at least once.
  4. Mi Cocina’s / Downtown Fort Worth. My favorite place for good Mexican food under American influence. Large portions, good food, excellent service and reasonably priced (the mixed drinks are expensive, like any restaurant). On a pleasant evening, eat outside.
  5. Kinkaid’s / Camp Bowie / Fort Worth. Once a small grocery store that sold hamburgers. Now my favorite hamburger place in Fort Worth.
  6. Dallas Cowboy Stadium / Arlington. Even if you don’t like football it is worth visiting. If you do like football, and had hoped to see the old Texas Stadium in Irving -- sorry the Cowboys have moved.
  7. Ballpark in Arlington / Arlington. A great place to watch a game of baseball. Outfield seats are cheap. If you want to enjoy a good game in real Texas heat you’ll like it.
  8. Bull and Bush / Montgomery Street / Fort Worth. There are plenty of places to get a cold beer in the area. Bull and Bush is one of the few without televisions and with darts.
  9. Deep Ellum / Dallas. An evening visit to Deep Ellum is a walk into a world not usually associated with Texas. Very hip, youth oriented.
  10. Modern Art Museum / Fort Worth. A beautiful building and home to many pieces of art worth seeing.
  11. Kimble Art Museum / Fort Worth. One of the nations best art museums.
  12. Farmer’s Market / Dallas. late spring -- mid summer are the best times to visit if you like garden fresh tomatoes.
  13. Peaches / Weatherford. In peach season you will find no better peaches.
  14. Botanic Gardens / Fort Worth. A great city park for walking. Rose gardens, walking paths, picturesque vistas.
  15. Trinity River Walk / Fort Worth. 30 miles along the Trinity. Great place to walk or ride a bike.
  16. Fort Worth Zoo / Fort Worth. One of the best in the nation. The oldest in the DFW area.
  17. Dallas Arboretum / Dallas. Spring blooming season. Worth a visit.
  18. Omni Hotel / Fort Worth. If you like looking at buildings -- this is a good one.
  19. T&P Train Station / Fort Worth. Fort Worth's great contribution to trains and Art Deco.
  20. Montgomery Ward Plaza. Again, another great building that has been renovated. I like the drive-through area, although other, more preservation minded folks didn't.
I know I missed some things. Any big oversights?


Jennifer said...

I'd put Cousin's on the list. And I have very high hopes for the new Museum of Science and History.

cwheat said...

Joe T's Garcia is a must. The atmoshphere is always lively, the food is doable, but the beer and margaritas are always nice and cold.

Francis Shivone said...

I only mentioned a few restaurants -- the ones I always go to. I need to try Cousin's. I have to admit I have never been. Joe T's is a favorite of many. For good reason. Thanks.

Rambler said...

Is there any difference between the older Cousins on McCart and the one on Bryant Irvin?

Jennifer said...

Re Cousins: Both locations serve the same amazing food. I've noticed no difference. For sentimental reasons, I prefer the McCart location.

Rena--Museum Educator said...

Can't forget us! :) (Log Cabin Village) Near the zoo and shady too...

Take care...
Rena Lawrence (Log Cabin Village Museum Educator)

e said...

not to burst your bubble but deep ellum can hardly be described as "hip " or "youth-oriented" anymore. It's a sad neighborhood that the hipsters left a few years ago and is mainly abandoned buildings, a few hangers on, and a lot of broken-into cars. There are still some who cling onto the area and talk about "saving it," but neighborhoods have their cycles and this one needs a few years off.

sarahtham said...

You probably dont have people asking this, but how can one go about seeing Fort Worth in one hour?? Tks

Francis Shivone said...

I don't. And you can't really. But if I had only one hour I'd walk around the downtown area. Sundance, Bass Hall, Train Depot, etc. But I like that kind of thing. Nature lovers would like Botanical gardens. Western theme lovers would like an hour at the Stockyards. Depends on your interests. Good luck.