Monday, July 6, 2009

Palin - tology

I am amazed at the continued national interest in Governor Sarah Palin. I am amazed at my interest in Sarah Palin. But for some reason she gets our attention. After 4 days of non-stop news coverage I have just one word. GiveThatWomanABreakForCryingOutLoud.

Here's my opinion on why she is quitting the Alaska governorship before the end of her session:

Put your hand in front of you, 5 fingers extended, palm towards you. Take the first finger to the right and bend it palmwards, thumb holding it down, now take the two fingers to the left and again bend them over . . . what you have left is what she is telling the news media, and maybe you and me, and can you blame her? After 16 lawsuits, 15 of them dropped, and the 16th soon to be dropped? Not to mention the ridicule her daughters received.

Do I care for her home spun, soccer-mom-in-Alaska personna? Not really. Is she the sharpest knife in the drawer? No, again. Do I respect her? Yes, I do. Do the cannibalistic media drive me crazy with their holier than thou, what is the dumb broad thinking attitude? Yes, more than I can say here.

I hope she runs for President and wins just to piss them off.

Governor Palin, whatever you do, you are alright by me.
Unrelated Cartoon of the Day:

Recession by Paul Zanetti, Australia


Rambling as usual said...

In 1999-2000, I told anyone who would listen that George W. Bush was a good governor, but the national spotlight would be too much for him. Which tells you something about my political prediction skills. In a way I was right, of course, given the eight year media tantrum, but... it was, after all eight years.

I say that to say this: I don't Sarah Palin has been a good governor of Alaska: and honest reformer and common sense administrator. Personally, I think her brother-in-law needed firing, and a good whupass to boot. But she doesn't have the depth of knowledge a president needs (though she could get it), and the American people, being prone to elect governors to the presidency, would have looked more favorably on her completing her term.

And that's what I think. Which means you can start planning the Palin inauguration immediately.


Ranbler, who needs more coffee said...

I don't Sarah Palin

I think Sarah Palin...

of course.

Francis Shivone said...

I agree with everything you said.