Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lili's Owner Opening New Restaurant . . .

Fort Worth Business Press reports today that Vance Martin, owner of Lili's, is opening a new restaurant on Magnolia named the Cat City Grill. The restaurant will feature “signature sandwiches, steak and seafood,” according to a statement. The plans call for 2500 square feet and seating for about 90.

A representative of the new Grill said, "Cat City Grill’s creative sandwich menu will highlight famous sandwiches from favorite American restaurants, such as a cheese steak from Pat or Geno’s in Philadelphia . . . "

Great idea and knowing Vance the food will be good.

My only suggestion is to use Tony Luke's in Philly as the high water mark of cheesesteaks and not Ginos or Pats. I can walk to both places from where I am right now -- and don't. The best cheesesteak roll in the world is at Sarcone's Bakery, which supplies the better cheesesteak sandwich shops in Philly. The rolls at Pats and Ginos are pretty wimpy. (Vance: just had to get my 2-cents in)

Regardless, good luck to the folks at Lili's, I love the idea and the location. Magnolia is still my favorite street in Fort Worth, and Lili's my favorite place on Magnolia (well, St. Mary's is my favorite place, but that's not a restaurant).

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Elizabeth said...

Wow that will be just up the street from us.It seems like there are so many new things opening up around us. We heard from a neighbor today that she received notice that the city was going to redo our street soon. I hope it's true.