Thursday, July 16, 2009

Best Fajitas in Fort Worth.

The best fajitas in Fort Worth are at Pappasito's. Hands down.

The fajita meat at Pappa's is marinated for two days. I know, I helped open the store 12 years ago and watched how they did it. The extra marination makes the fajita meat very tender.

The best time to enjoy their fajitas is on Wednesday night. Why? The fajitas-for-two-dinner, normally $32, is $16. That's fajitas for 2 with all the extras: fresh, hot, flour tortillas, chips, beans, rice, salsa --- and -- half price drinks during happy hour.

I have been to Pappasito's several times this last month on Wednesday night and the place is packed. I have always believed Pappas made the best fajitas in town, getting them half-price makes them taste even better.

Conclusion: they taste delicious, the portions are huge, and the price is the best in town. What else is there?

Trust me -- try it.

Wednesday night. Fajitas for 2, half-price.

Guest post by Stephen, transcribed from conversation.

Editor's Note: if you have a different opinion, that is, if you prefer the fajitas from another restaurant, please leave a comment.


cd0103 said...

I hate Uncle Julio's but I love their fajitas. Must go try Pappacitos soon.

callie said...

I like the fajitas at La can get them with cactus too

Francis Shivone said...

CD and Callie

Uncle Julio's was started by ex-Pappa's guys I do believe and their preparation methods are similar. UJ's is just too damn noisy for me.

La Familia is a good restaurant, their fajitas aren't as good as Pappa's in my view.

Thanks for the comments

Lone Star Lizzie said...

I can't argue, Pappa's fajitas are very good. I also LOVE their chips and salsa they are the best IMO. I didn't know about the Wed night special. Thanks for sharing!

Sunni R. said...

I like both places for fajitas, but agree with Fran that UJ's is too noisy. I like it if I can sit outside, plus my kiddos do better on patios. Pappasitos (and all the other pappas places except the steakhouse) is noisy too.

Kim said...

I agree with you. Pappasitos has the best fajitas in this town.

Victor Shivone said...

Look forward to having one! I'm salivating at the thought of biting into one of Pappacitos delicious fajitas whilst sipping on a cold brew. Yummy!!!

lisa said...

My Family members and i are what you call tex-mex food experts and i can't believe what i am reading. Uncle julio's has the best fajita's hands down and i will drive 45 min on the other side of town here in get them. I am originally from the fort worth area and anytime there is a reason to celebrate whether here or there that is where i want to get my tex-mex fill.

billyferg21 said...

I agree that the Beef fajitas are the best in the world at Pappasito's...My favorite chicken fajitas are at Joe T's..Joe T's whips me, though...