Saturday, June 27, 2009

Why We Like This President.

<--- I am not the white guy playing the President.

It will surprise many of you that I like this President. I do. Not that my disposition matters, but when you get enough of dispositions like mine you get an approval rating in the mid-sixties, which he has, and you get things done, which he does.

Not that I like what he is getting done. I don't. But that's not the point.

This President has high approval ratings because he is liked. A few occurences last week illustrate why:

First is the fly swatting incident. President Obama killed a fly that had been swarming him and had landed on his arm. Swat. During a White House interview. Cameras rolling. If you haven't seen it, it is pretty impressive. It is something every guy has done or has tried to do and to be quick enough to get the fly gets points from me. Then there was the Father's Day address. He talked about the necessity and obligation of fathers to their children. I like that, too. Pretty basic stuff. Swatting a fly and talking about family. But that is, in essence, why he is given the okay sign from the average guy or girl . The fact that I disagree with him shouldn't keep me from treating him like anyone else I like.

President Obama's political ideology is a rebirth of Democratic party ideas that, I think, do us far more harm than good. Some of them are just flat wrong. But my disagreements notwithstanding, the President is a deservedly likable fellow, and he will have my respect and prayers while he holds the Presidential Office.

Elected officials do not establish the kind of people we are, the opposite is true, elected officials are the effect of the public disposition. They are a reflection. If you don't like them, change yourself.

I do wonder, though, can I get in on that game of one-on-one?


nemajo said...

So true.. Why can't people treat each other with respect? Regardless of whether or not they agree with them politically...

That's what has turned me off of Rush Hannity and the like. Even though I agree with most of there arguments. How I long for WF Buckley. At least we still have George Will.

Francis Shivone said...

Agreed. WFB was my favorite, as well. Ahh, the good old days of Firing Line when two people could disagree, argue, and then have a scotch together after the show. Maybe I'm just getting old.