Thursday, June 18, 2009

Support the Fort Worth Opera

A little plug for our local Opera Company, one of the 14 oldest opera companies in the nation, and the oldest continuously performing opera company in Texas, the Fort Worth Opera. As of the end of the 2007 Season, the company has produced 219 main-stage operas.

I mention this because the FWO just received a plug in the July, 2009 magazine, Opera News with a headline article featuring our new Director, Darren Keith Woods.

It may surprise visitors to "Cowtown" but little old Fort Worth has possibly the premier piano competition in the world in the Van Cliburn*, one of the top ten music halls in the world**, and an opera company that is serious about bringing top-tier opera to Texas.

But they need your support

It is a year away but next season features one of my favorites: Mozart's, Don Giovanni. I will be there, probably more than once.

* "The most prestigious classical piano contest in the world..." (Chicago Tribune)

** "Bass Performance Hall is one of those rare halls in which the music heard by the audience is the same as that heard by the performer. The clarity of sound heard throughout the entire range, in addition to the warm, welcoming environment, makes Bass Performance Hall one of the very best." --- Yo-Yo Ma


Lynn said...

*Love* the Bass Hall; prettier and warmer than the Meyerson. Part of next year's bonus will go for season tickets [I hope].

Francis Shivone said...

I agree. Tough to beat Bass Hall for voice.