Friday, June 26, 2009

The Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington

Have you been?

The Star Telegram ran an article yesterday with this title:
New stadium is expected to become a tourist spot, even when idle.

No surprise there. A 1 billion dollar building of any kind is going to attract attention, add the Dallas Cowboys name to it and you have a mega-magnet. In Arlington. I will be one of those tourists at some point.

My daughter and I got a tour of the Omni Hotel a few weeks ago and it is pretty impressive, especially the out-of-doors bar on the south end of the hotel. I think the Omni was around 125 million to build. Multiply that by 8 and the Dallas Cowboys have one helluva building. How many billion dollar buildings get built anywhere?

Now the Cowboys need to bring a winning team to this building. Fans love the new stadiums but if they had a choice between new buildings and winning teams they will take the latter.

I am still shocked that the City of Dallas let the Cowboys of Dallas out of their reach, but they did. And I believe they will regret it until the day this stadium gets too old and another needs to be built . . . say in 2050.

The tours start today and tickets are $15.

Editor's note: actually $3 until everything is completed, see comments.


Anonymous said...

Actually the cost of the tour is only $3 until the locker rooms and some other areas are complete.

Francis Shivone said...

Thanks for the correction.

Lynn said...

Abstaining. Too many neat old houses were torn down to build that temple to Mammon ;)

Francis Shivone said...

Ouch. Sorry Lynn, I seem to remember your disapproval. I live with the contradiction of development, I love to see our area prosper and grow but dislike the losses that go with that growth.
As to the Temple to Mammon, well, we'll overlook that if the Cowboys bring home the trophy.

Anonymous said...

Blech - that thing's such a hulking monstrosity. The amount of praise it's getting saddens me a great deal. Hideously ugly and overblown.

Francis Shivone said...

Hmmm . . . I wonder what how big the anti-stadium group is?

I agree it isn't my favorite building but I guess I'm liking the economic benefit to FW.

Agree / disagree??