Friday, May 22, 2009

How to Cook Barbecue Beef Ribs (at home)

Well, there they go again.

Just one day after Food and Fort Worth does a widely reviewed post on barbecue, and I notice that some website called, what was it, oh yea, . . . the New York Times . . . copy the idea and do an article on Texas-style barbecue beef ribs. Post robbers.

Actually, their's is a very detailed explanation on how to cook ribs at home. Excellent piece.

I have said it before and I will say it again. The New York Times website is an easily accessed, easy to read, and usable newspaper website for food lovers. If they are a 10 the Star Telegram website is a 1. I hate to admit that but I think it is true.

Here's the ribs link:

Photo from New York Times


RJG said...

I agree with you about the Star-Telegram. It's not really a very good newspaper. We have a subscription, since we browse it over breakfast. But at the point my wife wants to give it up, I'll be scanning online the NY Times each morning. The ST is not a terrible paper by any means, and they have a handful of decent columnists, especially for sports. The recent cutbacks have really hurt it though. Seems most of what they cut out, are the things I enjoyed most. LOL - typical.

Francis Shivone said...

RJG -- Since I am gone more than I am home I do not subscribe anymore, which is the reason I go to their online version. And really that is what I was referring to.

The paper itself is not what it once was but few newspapers are.

But to the point: why is the online version of the Star-Telegram so god-awful? It is so difficult to navigate I have stopped trying. I go to the Fort Worth Business Press online now for my local news.

You are right their Sports is good for a local paper, which reminds me, the Dallas Morning News had the best Sports page in the country for years, but, I haven't picked a copy of it in a while, either.


RJG said...

OK - I see what you mean. Yes, I have noticed that the ST online is really bad. Good luck in finding an older restaurant review for example. There's no excuse for it really, as it's not hard to build an online database, build a few key indexes and retrieve the data.

The Dallas Morning News, on the other hand, has a very good website presence, at least for Entertainment. Their Guide Live site is excellent. The DMN's sports section still seems good. My Mom had a subscription forever while living in Dallas for 42 years, but she just moved to NE Tarrant and canceled the paper.