Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fort Worth's Best Barbecue

I like my beef barbecue smoked, sliced, served on a fresh bun, and topped with just a touch of sauce. For sides, I choose pinto beans with a jalapeno and potato salad. Good barbecue is an art that few master because to do it right you need time, the right temperature, moisture and the right smoke. In Fort Worth we are fortunate to have some masters: Angelo's, Railhead, Cousins, Colters, etc.

Cousins received a little national recognition this week when it was announced that Good Morning America considers it in the top 4 nationwide. The GMA Best Barbecue segment will be aired on May 23.*

Who has the best sliced beef sandwich in Fort Worth? You tell me.

Cousins Barbeque:

Fort Worth Business Press:


Jennifer said...

Good for Cousins! When I saw your title, I thought, "He better answer this question correctly!". Cousins catered our wedding. Such kind, friendly service and excellent food. I actually don't normally eat meat, but I make an exception for Cousins - alas, not the beef so I can't answer your question.
And Railhead is OK too. I say that grudgingly.

Jake Good said...

I find a lot of Fort Worth places have their specialities...

I love the jalapeno sausage at Railhead... way better than hot links anywhere else.

But for sliced beef, Angelos is slightly better than Railhead... but I kid you not, the Smoke Pit (BBQ With a View) has a mean, lean, moist sliced beef...

It may not have the popularity or tact when it comes to the waitresses (sometimes seen in bikini tops, sometimes not)... but the sliced beef is superb.

Jamal said...

Sausage Shop on Seminary
Robinson BBQ on S. Berry
Both locations are two of my favorites.

Jake Good said...

Wilson's BBQ right off of Camp Bowie used to have good ribs and fantastic sweet potato pie... but unfortunately they shut their doors earlier this year...

Francis Shivone said...

Jenn -- thanks, and glad to hear I am not in trouble. I always just liked the ice cold beer at Railhead.

Jake -- great list. And please take me to the Smoke Pit sometime . . . for the barbecue . . . great sandwiches, right? .)

Sweet potato pie? -- never had it, sounds good.

Jamal -- been to Robinson, Sausage Shop sounds interesting.

Francis Shivone said...

I had this comment sent to my personal email:

As a blog reader - wanted to posit one more BBQ joint in Fort Worth - Sammie's. (

There have been some disputes lately about the direction it is headed - I've gone for years and known it as a favorite haunt for good BBQ. Warrants investigation if you have never been.

Great rib ends that you can buy by the pound, and some wonderful corn nuggets (similar to what you can find at Chicken Express, but much better).


A future glance into the life of FW BBQ is the pad site of construction right now being built up on Billy Bob's parking lot - Cooper's BBQ - which is Texas legend and lore.

If you're driving outside of Fort Worth, you find Hard Eight BBQ in Coppell, which is worth the drive, and owned by a man who was employed by Cooper's at one point. It carries some of the same swagger in pit smoked BBQ tastes.

Enjoy the blog every week. Thanks!

Mason King

Steve-O said...

I think that Cousins is the most under-rated BBQ in FW. They don't get the same fanfare as Angelo's or Railhead, but it's a very good feed.

I prefer the sliced beef sandwich at Riscky's. It's a little heavier on the fat, but since I am too, I like that. Plus I like their sauce - sweet, spicy and warm.

cwheat said...

May be partial because it is around the corner, cash only, and they run the line like the "Soup Natzi" which is great during lunch, but Baily's in downtown FW gets my vote. The pulled pork is great, just a little spice, and the beef (chopped and sliced) are great.

The little red building can take on the big boys any day.

RJG said...

I haven't had a chance to sample even a fraction of the DFW barbecue places, but to date, Cousins is my favorite.

Francis Shivone said...

Steve O, cwheat, RJG --

Thanks and it looks to me like Cousins wins the unofficial poll. I haven't been to Bailey's in years, I need to go back.

And thankfully, we will never be able to try them all.

Rambler, Mapsco Man said...

If memory serves, the first Pres. Bush had Counsins bbq flown into the White House back when.

Not meaning to be picky, but for the navigationally impaired, Robinson's is on East Berry, just east of I-35W. I like the taste of Robinson's, but sometimes the meat is a bit too stringy. I do like his sauce. He can be a real crank, though, so beware.

It's hard to say: Angelo's is a sentimental favorite of 40+ years, but their beef is still excellent.

Francis Shivone said...

Rambler -- speaking of which ---

Is there still a Mapsco? Seemed like we all had one those days.

RJG said...

"And thankfully, we will never be able to try them all."

True enough, but the guy who writes the following sure tries!

He's rated the #1 DFW food blogger on Urbanspoon. He's earned it.

Rambler said...

Mapscos and Mapsco stores.

I once bought a 1952 Dallas Mapsco there. It was cool.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let the guy know that the owners of Hard-Eight BBQ never worked at Coopers, they never lived in Llano..just wanted to clear that rumor!!