Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fort Worth Blogs . . . New and Retiring.

I read most of the Fort Worth blogs. Actually, I read every local weblog that has anything thoughtful to say, and which has a lower than 5% f-word-to-whole-word ratio.

We have some good ones and have recently lost one of our better ones, that being, West and Clear. West and Clear and Fortworthology work together and have been the best two on Fort Worth news, especially commercial development.

Others locally written blogs that I read, include:

Caravan of Dreams: has frequent comments on the local and Texas-wide music scene. Also, read his blog profile. It is the best I have read.

The Ravelled Sleave: features good writing in the context of a passion for knitting.

Thoughts to blog: Jake is a programmer for drop.io and knows more of what is going on in technology, Web 2.0, Ruby programming, and just about anything web related than any one I know. Plus, he posts restaurant reviews here, on Food & Fort Worth.

Words and Phrases: a new discovery for me written by a Fort Worth blogger and intended for the more contemplative reader.

The Whited Sepulchre: Also, good writing and enjoyable to read from a very bright guy with whom I almost agree. For the libertarian and general political rabble rouser in all of us.

The WickeDeli: The Wicke's are starting a Deli that I hope is downtown somewhere. Their blog keeps you up-to-date on the progress.

Fort Worth Hole in the Wall. Good reviews of local restaurants.

DFW.com: Lots of good information. Doesn't have the personality of a single-writer blog but the information is there and helpful.

That's not all of the Fort Worth blogs I read but it is a few I haven't mentioned in a while.

On Hiatus: Long Horn Lucy, Little Lizzie, and Cowtown and Coolage.


Jake Good said...

Thanks for the link love :)

Unfortunately my posting habits have gone out the window... and the content is getting pretty spotty. I'll try to use this as a motivation to write more posts...

Lizzie said...

I will get back to posting once we move...

I hate moving!

Tyler Awesome Coolage said...

Thanks a lot for the spot. ;) I finally decided enough is enough, and started posting again. I'll be writing a lot more over the summer.

Lynn said...

Holy cow, I made the short list? I am [only momentarily] speechless! Is your beloved in town with you, or is she holding down the fort in Yankeeland? I miss her at Knit Night. [Next Tuesday @ Borders @ Arlington Highlands. Spittin' distance from that Kincaid's; just sayin'.]

I'm still trying to get to Fred's. Maybe next Saturday with BestFriend?