Monday, May 25, 2009

A Better Egg McMuffin?

I have not one shred of evidence to prove the belief that: happier chickens produce better, tastier and healthier eggs.

But if McDonald's follows through with the proposed study to see how egg suppliers can give the chickens a better life we may all find out. The study's actual purpose if to see if producers can maintain production in a cage-free environment. A secondary consequence will be better eggs, I believe, and I'm all for it.

By the way, the average space that an egg producing chicken gets is 70 square inches.

How many eggs does McDonald's use per day?
1. 80,000
2. 220,000
3. 520,000

The full report:


Rambler, egg boy said...

Tangential perhaps, but egg-related:

The monks make their living through an eggery for many years, but fell afoul of PETA...

so now they sell mushrooms.

Whatever, they will be a great success, no doubt.

Francis Shivone said...

Thanks Rambler but did you intend to say afowl, I mean, afoul? Going to the links, now.

Lynn said...

I don't know if my chickens were any happier because they had a larged fenced yard beneath a fruiting mulberry tree, but the eggs were ambrosial.