Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Parties in Texas

R.J. Matson, NY, The New York Observer

Who cares if the Tea Parties won't make any immediate change to our overtaxed lives. They are fun and I like them. It's a start.

My son called me today from San Antonio to suggest I turn on the news because one of the 800 Tea Parties was being held in front of the Alamo.

A couple thousand Texans were out there saying enough's enough. It's not a conservative/liberal debate, it's just an expression of frustration with Washington's overly strong hand in every conceivable part of American life. Republican Presidents have been as bad as Democratic Presidents, and sometimes worse.

If it is true that we have the government we deserve then we need to take a hard look at ourselves because what we have is not good.


Jennifer said...

I love your take on this. I found myself at one yesterday (I was just trying to get to Williams-Sonoma) and thought it was great fun. Though truthfully I think our taxes are quite fair. Now what the government *does* with the money is an entirely different matter. :)

Jake Good said...

Wow, I watched the live stream video of one of the GOP sponsored Fort Worth tea parties and yeah... the particular nutjob on the screen was screaming about how "Obama is abusing the constitution to gain more control over our daily lives"... and I couldn't help but think, "So which President decided to EXTEND the Patriot Act?"

At any rate, I would agree with Jennifer that I think with our quality of life, our tax situation is not something to balk at.

And Francis, you're right about the tea parties, I feel it's quite unfair to pick on one particular one, but when some loud mouth gets in front of a crowd and screams "SECESSION!"... I have a little issue with it!

(Don't worry, I don't think ALL of the conservatives in Texas are nutjobs ;))

Francis Shivone said...

Jennifer & Jake

I figured this post would spur opinions for and against.

Look, I'm just an old hippie and it's not the tax as much as that the Feds are everywhere looking at everything.

Maybe I need to move to Alaska or something.

But it is the tax, too. And the spending. We are spending more than we have and a civil government's debts are ultimately no different than yours -- someone pays for it. Pumping currency, electronic or real, into the system deflates the value of current currency holders, meaning they are paying for the debt by a deflated value of their asset.
Unfortunately, the rules of the game are unchangeable, the judge is blind, and the consequences are certain.

We is broke.

Besides that I'm in a good mood.


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