Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mayfest Cancelled?

Cartoon by Dave Granlund
One could make a case that all times are considered strange by those living in them. But in my 56 years this year has to rank up there with the strangest.

GM and Chrysler going, or close to going, bankrupt.

Merrill Lynch, the very image of Wall Street investing -- gone, and now dragging buyer Bank of America with it.

Now this -- a possible flu epidemic closing Mayfest?

Wild and wacky it is, I tell you.


Rambler, swine-ish (perhaps) said...

NBC News reported that 1300 deaths from the regular flu have been reported in the U.S. this year, against 1 from the swine flu (and that a Mexican boy brought here for treatment). An article yesterday claimed a massive jump in "confirmed" cases yesterday, then almost at the end of the article, we learn that the number isn't new cases, but the labs catching up with the number of samples.

Is it a pandemic? Or another "year of the shark?

FWIW, I got to come home early from work last night when a program was canceled, due to ... you guessed it.

Oh, and schools are being closed, as well, for weeks at a time.

Rambler said...

This morning, the fonts were empty at Church, but we had little bottles of hand sanitizer. I am so tempted to ask Father if it was blessed.