Saturday, April 25, 2009

Earth Humans . . .

Yes, you.

Please refrain
the following:

1. Any use of the phrase: "You go girl." As sympathetic as I am to the fairer sex and their desire for sororal identification -- this has got to stop. Any male use of the phrase will trigger immediate vaporization.

2. Physically uncoordinated white people should not give the high-five after every minor successful moment. You look stupid. Actually, the high-fiving needs to stop all together, but persons with no eye-hand coordination should have never started. By the way, persons of color stopped high-fiving in the 80's.

3. Please stop using cell phone text language in common speech. Someone called me a " b f f " the other day. I assumed any word abbreviation with an " f " must be a reference of the unrepeatable kind. Apparently not. Please stop anyway. At least to anyone over 50 years of age.

(Older humans, it means: "best friend forever.")

Thank you.

(Your suggestions gladly accepted)


Jennifer said...

I thought the same thing about BFF. It took me couple of years to catch on to what it meant. And I'm 32.
My personal contribution: Stop wearing logos (or any other adornment) on your behinds. It's tacky. Especially on little girls.

Francis Shivone said...

Jennifer -- thank you, and yes, the logo on shorts/backside is sometimes even embarrassing.

And i don't wear logos of any kind, I figure if they want me to advertise for them they should give me the shirt -- which they don't.

Anonymous said...

Like....could like stop saying "like" like all the time? It like drives me like crazy!