Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Monthly Starbucks Watch

News Flash: Starbucks to begin selling instant coffee.

My response:

Dear Mr. Starbuck,

You're kidding right?

You have spent the last 15 years telling us that your coffee was worth the extra cost. We agreed. We liked it. We liked the vibe. Cold Play and coffee -- very cool. And after adding wireless, we never had to go home to -- yikes -- responsibility.

Now you want us to go home -- and make instant coffee.


I know what happened! One day you mistakenly brewed a concoction from a Colombian pod of a different sort -- drank it, had a good time -- and this is all a joke.

Okay . . . I can deal with that.

(Could you get me some?)
End of sarcasm, honest question:

Does anyone else think this will bomb like New Coke, or is it just me?


Becca said...

I don't think that instant coffee is cool-Sanka makes me think of dirty teeth and cigarettes. Besides if you can drive through Starbucks and get a good cup of coffee why would you need coffee crystals.

Francis Shivone said...

My sentiment exactly.

Lynn said...

Not a clue, I think it's all nasty, LOL. But I did have a quite credible lemon tart while there for Knit Night, last night.