Thursday, March 26, 2009

Houston Street Bar. Great for a Party.

Brinton and I went to Houston Street Bar and Patio after our evening at Zambrano's and found a great place to hang out, watch a game, or meet up with friends.

Houston Street Bar is tucked between Zambrano's and Bar 9, across the street from Bent. It offers a beautiful rooftop patio, an abundance of flat screen televisions showing any game imaginable, and the owners said they would be happy to change the channel if there was a particular game we wanted to watch. Upstairs, there are two projectors showing games on the side of the building -- very cool. (Editors note:Can you say Final Four?)

One thing sets Houston Street Bar apart from the other bar/pubs -- they do not serve food -- but they let you bring food in or have it delivered. I love this idea. Order a pizza or appetizers from Cef next door, or have Pizza Hut deliver wings, while you sit on the patio and enjoy your beer, game, and friends in a cool urban setting. We asked them about having parties on the rooftop and they were very accommodating -- you provide the food and order the alcohol from them.

We really liked this place and will definitely go back.

Houston Street Bar & Patio
902 Houston Street
Fort Worth, TX
(817) 877-4727

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