Monday, March 9, 2009

Eddie V's Restaurant Review: Great.

Brinton and I went to Eddie V's last night with our friend, Muffin, and had a lovely Lenten, fish dinner. Since it was Friday, we decided to try Fort Worth's new fish restaurant -- and we were very happy with the entire experience (plus, Zeke's was packed with a line "out the door"). The first available reservation was 9 pm, which we took. They told us that they have been booked solid since they opened.

We were seated promptly and were walked by the fabulous looking lobster bar were diners pick from one of the fresh lobster tails that are packed on a mountain of ice.

We started with the Ahi Tartar, which was served with avocado, onion, and tomato. The server suggested mixing all three components before eating.

He was right, it was excellent!

The fish was cold and fresh and drizzled with sesame and curry oils. It was served with sesame flatbread.

For drinks, I had the Fort Worth Cosmo and Brinton had the sweet tea mojito (not his first choice, but I wanted to taste it) and Mary had the house Cabernet. All were good.

For the main course, I had the Salmon. It was cooked medium rare, which I like, served on a bed of asparagus, and had a butter sauce with capers and Parmesan. It was delicious. Brinton had red Snapper and was very happy with the portion and the flavor. Mary ordered the Filet of Sole which came on a lovely lemon butter sauce. I liked that the fish was served on top of the sauces instead of the normal drowning of sauce (maybe to cover for the fact that the fish is none too fresh?).

We were very pleased with our dinner and will definitely go again.
Becca (Eastside) told me that she considers Eddie V's the best seafood restaurant in Fort Worth. I did not ask her the cost of the meal for three but I am sure it is as expected for a nicer restaurant. As to the economy and its effect on "expendable income." Eddie' V's is a big restaurant and has been full since it opened.

Eddie V's
Museum Place
3100 West 7th Street
Fort Worth, TX 76107

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Andrew said...


Was there outdoor seating? It looked like they were putting a pretty cool patio when it opened.

Becca said...

yes, there were very nice couches and chairs outside. I don't think you can eat outside though, they looked to be for those who were wanting to just hang out an have a drink.

Sunni R. said...

we went last Fri and it was excellent. I had the snapper topped with Jonah crab and it was one of the best pieces of fish I have ever had. I had the beet salad (great) and the sauteed spinach was good. Only miss of the night was the au gratin potatoes (which shouldn't really count as a miss b/c I really don't like any au gratin potatoes).

Billy Bob said...

Hello Fran, et al. I'm psyched to have just run across your blog. I'll check back often. I hope everyone is well.
We went to Eddie V's a couple of weeks ago and it was fantastic. Their take on calamari is unique yet delicious with a slightly asian twist; a must try.
I had the grilled, crab-stuffed colossal shrimp and was then ready to meet my maker. Yes, it's that good.
My wife's filet mignon rivalled anything you can get "downtown" and the wine selection was superb.
Oh yeah, if you want to try a little slice of heaven, go for the Bananas Foster as an ender. You'll thank me later.

Billy Bob

Francis Shivone said...

William -- great to hear from you --

Who would have thought an ol' Yank like me would do a Fort Worth blog

Marian and I are in Philly with Thomas for now but get back often.

I haven't been to Eddie V's but hear good things about it.

Tell Trish hey for me.

Thanks ---

J Sailor said...

We were very disappointed with the entire meal and will not return here. Stale flatbread, dark and flat dining atmosphere, uncomfortably cold room temperature, uninspiring sauces, insincere server. A night at home with leftovers would have been more enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

We had been waiting to try Eddie V's for a special occasion. Many of our friends had been and raved about it. It may have been we had very high expetations but we were not blown away by our visit. When I made the reservation they asked if we were celebrating anything special and I told them our 19th wedding anniversary. We arrived a few minutes before our reservation time of 8pm and were told by the hostess that our table would be ready "a bit closer to our actual reservation time". The way she said it made me feel as if our slightly early arrival was a mistake on our part. She directed us to the bar which was very full and very dark and it was hard to tell what seating was open and what was possibly reserved. The chairs around the bar were all full and there were some openings at tables but we could not tell if they were open to us as many people were eating at them and it made it look as though they were reserved for diners. A waitress came to our rescue almost right away as we were standing in the middle of the walkway turning in a circle trying to figure out where to go and I'm sure looking confused. She told us the tables were first come first serve as long as there was not a "reserved" sign on them. Then she helped us pull another chair up to the only chair left open at the bar. We ordered a drink and very soon after the hostess arrived to tell us our table was ready. The restaurant is beautiful and the food was really good. I had lobster bisk soup and it was pretty good. My husband had the snapper topped with crab suggested by the waiter and loved it. I had scallops wrapped in bacon and thought they were so-so. Kind of bland and even the bacon was not very baconie... We had the chocolate moose pie and it was AMAZING! For some reason though it took forever to get it to us and they did not charge us for it and we got several apoligies for the delay. It was soooooo good.. well worth the wait. The only other thing I would comment on is that a hostess came thru the dining room like 3 or 4 times during our visit and in not suble way at all took notes (literally wrote on a pad of paper) on the progress of the people dining. I get that they need to track these things to plan for the flow of serves but this was rude and made one feel as if they wanted to rush you through your dinner. So while I'm sure we will go back and give it another shot, it was an odd first visit.