Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Best Donut in the World.

Fort Worth residents have a healthy choice of donut options. Boastful it may be, but I consider myself a connoisseur of the delicacy even though I can no longer can eat them.

The idea for this post comes from reading a Facebook "wall" (thanks Catherine) which had mentioned a trip to Krispy Kreme.

When the Krispy Kreme opened in Arlington, 10 years ago, my wife, son and I were there on opening day. I like them, I like their freshness, and I like the atmosphere of the place, but after time for reflection, I still prefer the Dunkin' Donut (currently reviving in DFW). In Center City Philadelphia, there is a Dunkin' Donut store every other block, far outnumbering Starbucks or any other food franchise. I have always liked the Dunkin Donuts coffee, too. But as to there donut, I think it has a little more body and is less sugary sweet.

In Fort Worth, if I have my choice. I'll take Paul's off Magnolia. The mid-cities has a new Dunkin Donuts, and in Grapevine, there was a drive thru donut store for years on Grapevine Highway that had the biggest and best donuts in DFW (is it still there?). Meadowbrook has a good donut shop on Meadowbrook Blvd. near Eastern Hills High School, and there are strip shopping center donut shops everywhere in DFW which usually serve good donuts.

What is it about this little wheel of deep fried dough that has moved some many people to stake their living on making and selling them? We don't have pie stores on every block. Maybe it's because one can have so many varieties. Maybe it's their compactness and ease of assembly. There is something about sharing them that is enjoyable for both giver and receiver. The donut has the right combination of ease of transport, eat-at-your-leisure, who-needs-health-food goodness, that makes them a perfect gift.

My favorite is the cinnamon-sugar cake donut, with a pint of chocolate milk.

Have a favorite donut shop?

Editor's Note: to donut-shop searchers in Fort Worth. Please read the comments below for more donut options.  Also in the right column you can "search this blog" for many other donut options. Just type "donuts" in the blank space.



Matthew said...

Dale's Donuts #9 at Camp Bowie and Hulen (approximately). Hands down the best donut in Fort Worth. For now at least - I agree with you about Dunkin.

Jake Good said...

I would have to agree with Matthew... Dale's Donuts is my favorite.

They not only have fresh baked donuts, but they have jalapeno sausages wrapped in a warm, buttery, flaky dough. Mmmm.

Great post.

Becca said...

Love Dale's Donuts!

Francis Shivone said...

Why have I never been there. I'm missing out.

catherine said...

The only two doughnut places on 26 in Grapevine that I know about are Good Morning Donuts by GHS (no drive-thru) & of course, Krispy Kreme (generally our doughnut destination of choice these days). ;-)

I'm actually nibbling on a couple of leftover Krispy Kreme's from yesterday - still very fresh, even a day later (& they had been left in the box, rather than transferred to an air-tight container.) I also agree about the atmosphere - great place to take the kiddos. They love to watch the doughnut making process through the big observation window, then sit @ the little tables (wearing their Krispy Kreme caps) to gobble down their mini-doughnuts (LOVE these - great kid-friendly size. For 6.99 you get a box of 20 - plain, chocolate, sprinkles or any combination of the three). This is one of our favorite outings. One of life's simple pleasures... ;-)

Francis Shivone said...

Catherine -- For the good of all donut lovers I did a little more research. The name is: Kountry Donuts and it is on NW Hwy not Grapevine Hwy.

The exact location is:,-97.078417&spn=0.00129,0.002071&t=h&z=19

I don't know for certain that it is the same people but they did have great donuts.


Francis Shivone said...

Sorry the link did not copy.

It is at Northwest Hwy and Main St in Grapevine.

Lynn said...

Not much for doughnuts, but that's OK, because it leaves more for you. Would rather have a croissant [my friend who runs the deli in my office building makes a mean croissant!].

Love kolaches. Kenner's Kolaches on Cooper St. in Arlington, just south of California Lane, on the west side. He also makes the best cinnamon rolls I have ever eaten, and sometimes he sings, back in the kitchen. Good man!

Fat Rambler said...

The cinnamon rolls at Paul's deserve a special mention. I've been eating them since 1991 (or so) and there is none like it. Until recently, when they started baking more, you had to be there by 8am or you were OOL.

Perfect Donuts, just east of South Freeway on E. Berry, has a conut as good as Paul's and $1/dozen cheaper. The cimmamon roll is good, though not as good as Paul's. And they have a lemon-filled, which I like.

Krispy Kreme is not a favorite, but they will ice a lemon filled with chocolate on request. ummmm.... Of course, I like chocolate ice cream on apple pie, too.

Ok, tomorrow it's Dale's (seen it but never stopped).

Becca said...

Becca West agrees with Becca East. Dale's #9 are the best donuts I've ever had.

Francis Shivone said...

Maybe we need to add Dales to F&FW's top ten. Seems unanimous. Make it top 11 for a while.

Rambler -- I have only admired from a distance those cinnmaon buns at Pauls.

poodleone said...

I really, really miss all the choices of strip shopping donut places since I left NRH. A One Donuts on Rufe Snow got most of my business due to proximity (especially back in the Sunday school teaching days). Sunrise Donuts and Sunshine Donut got their share of visits as well.

Rambler said...

Ok, I did Dale's. Got there a little late, so I had to settle for one glazed and one lemon filled. Both were excellent. The glazed reminded me of a Krispy Kreme in taste, but fluffier in texture. The lemon filled was FILLED, which was nice. I gazed upon a cinnamon roll, which was being held back for a regular who hadn't yet arrived. It didn't look as rich as Paul's, but I'll reserve judgment pending more complete inspection.

What I really miss are the bagel shops all over the place. Panera's and Einstein Bros. are good, but not handy.

Francis Shivone said...

Rambler -- thanks for the comments on Dales.

I agree with you on the bagel places, now closed. Our favorite was Brugers's (??name) on Camp Bowie. On Sunday morning we'd stop by for fresh ones, right out of the oven. Most places sell look-like Bagels but have none of that boiled-dough chewiness in real bagels. I can't think of a good bagel in Fort Worth anymore. Can you? Well Yogi's maybe on Hulen.

Rambler said...

Francis -

Have you had Panera's and/or Einstein Bros? The latter are a little more "authentic" chewy, though I like the flavors at Panera's, particularly the cinnamon crunch. I admit that it's more a roll than a bagel, however.

I remember Bruegers and they were good, but that wasn't the spelling of the name. It was just by the health food store and the Red Carpet car wash.

Leonard said...

Dunkin Donuts actually has excellent bagels (although few know it). Big and chewy! Only place where you can get good donuts AND bagels that i know of.

CounselorFrog said...

Dale's is by far the best. I would spend many a morning there when I should have been in 1st period at AHHS.

CounselorFrog said...

Their sausage rolls are heaven I forgot to mention.

Ryan said...

i think the donut pl;ace in Grapevine the author is thinking of is Kountry Donuts. It's actually on Main Street, not Grapevine Highway. They have the biggest donuts I've ever eaten. it is my favorite donut shop although i dont get to go there often now that i live in Keller.

Francis Shivone said...

Over a year after the original post but, yes, Ryan you are correct. It is Kountry Donutsd and those things were huge and delicious. I think they are my favorite in all of DFW.

Arnold said...

Donuts are good, unfortunately the owner decides to employ workers who have limited english. Becareful, you may be told they don't have something when you are there and then call back to be told "yes we have them". I'm all for immigrants coming to America. I get it. But why can't employers such as this, keep workers with limited english skills behind the counter until they are better equipped to work with the public?