Wednesday, January 28, 2009

While I'm At It . . .

May I mention a couple of local websites and blogs?

The first has nothing to do with food, necessarily. Littlelizzie is a weblog spotlighting Liz's line of children's clothing, accessories, and now, her photography. Liz is creative, talented, and a lifelong friend of our family. Her weblog is one of three or four knitting/sewing/craft type blogs whose authors visit and join in the comment page. Now, I have never "crafted" in my life. When I was a boy we did build model navy ships and set them on fire as they floated down the creek. But I don't think that counts. But if you like quality creative products for children, you will like her site.

I have mentioned this blog before, but I think Eat This Fort Worth continues to excellently review Fort Worth food and drink spots and weekend activities. It takes a lot of time to do this well. Her most recent is on Tim Love's, Love Shack, in the Stockyards.

Hole in the Wall is another site that does frequent and detailed restaurant reviews, almost all of which I agree with. His latest is on Zambrano's, a place I like.

RJG (Regular Joe's Guide) : Same thing. good, detailed reviews, especially in the greater Fort Worth area.

FortWorthology is stilling doing the yeoman's job of photographing all the new construction downtown and the occasional mention of a new restaurant. His website/blog is as good as they get. He mentioned a few days ago that a Jake's Hamburgers was going to fill the spot Chile's is leaving behind, downtown. I hope that is true.

I add local weblogs and websites to the "locally written" sidebar of this blog on a loosely interpreted combination of the following conditions: that the author visits here, posts on their own blog frequently, and lists this blog.

Special thanks to Jake and BeccaWest for their post contributions; they always draw the most comments. And to Lynn, for her frequent and thoughtful comments, and Rambler for the same (although I am not so sure about the non-euphemistic use of a "house of ill-repute").

Thanks to all.


Rambler the red-faced said...

I am not so sure about the non-euphemistic use of a "house of ill-repute"

My apologies. I didn't know the term was offensive, given it's use in the title of a musical and major movie. I am a plain-spoken person, so always feel free to edit whatever I write. You won't hurt my feelings at all.

Francis Shivone said...

Rambler -- no apology necessary. I was jusr ribbin' ya.

RJG said...

Thanks Francis. I appreciate the recognition and support!

Jake Good said...

Thanks Fran, it goes without saying that your blog is very helpful (even from afar) and that your insights are always interesting!

Thanks for keeping "Cowtown" interesting!

Josie said...

Thanks for the mention and kind words.