Sunday, January 25, 2009

Late Night Eats

Fellow "Chowtowners"...

Where do you all head to for those late night cravings? You know what I'm talking about... Out having drinks with friends or up late reading your favorite super market checkout lane romance novel...

You get hungry. You want a meal.

Where do you go?

I'm still relatively new (a year fresh into Fort Worth) and found myself stuck ordering Papa John's at 1 am last night...

I hear Old South is open at all hours of the night, but... well... you know... But seriously? It seems like every other major city in the US has some really great food that can be served after midnight. I'm just struggling to figure out where it is.

Help me out...

(yeah, I totally came up with Chowtowners on my own)


Francis Shivone said...

No help from me Jake. I'm in bed by 9.

Lynn said...

New to FW, myself, and usually in bed by 9:00, unless I'm dancing or knitting. Typically I just nuke something from the fridge. Or I'll hit the frozen aisle for a pint of Ben and Jerry's. And if it's on the happy side of payday, I love Ol'South at dark-thirty.

Josie said...

It's been awhile since I stayed out super late to get late night eats but here's a few options.

My old school favorite Sammy's closed down, but I have to give them a shout out.

Fuzzy's Taco Shop on Berry stays open until 1AM on Thursdays, open until 3AM Fridays and Saturdays and their tacos are fantastic.

Snookies on Hulen Street serves food until 2AM. The Baker Street pub also serves food until 2AM.

Benito's on Magnolia is the best food late night food to have if you've been out enjoying some of Fort Worth's bars-they used to be open late but I'm not sure if they stay open late anymore.

Some places on the Northside serve Menudo at night-which is awesome late night food (and is said to cure hangovers). But as I said it's been awhile and I don't have addresses or anything.

In general I hate fast food, but sometimes if I'm up late I get an uncontrollable craving for Jack in the Box tacos, the kind that are 2 for a dollar-they are an absolute guilty pleasure.

Ol' South is also an old school, Fort Worthy choice. You should try going there at least once, not for the food necessarily but because there always seems to be something crazy going on there late night and it's fun to watch.

If you're at Lola's on 6th, sometimes there's someone there cooking up some tacos on a portable grill-these are quite choice (and convenient), especially if you've had a few beers.

Have fun checking out these places and I'm interested to see what other late night spots are out there. Kudos on the "chowtowners", I like it.

callie said...

in my college days at 2am it was either:

fuzzys queso

whataburger taquitos

or jack in the box tacos
(i agree with josie!)

Anonymous said...

me: home
hubby: Jack in the box tacos (eww)

Francis Shivone said...

I have to admit to a late night Jack in the Box craving in days gone by. Something about those greasy deep fried tacos at 1 am.

There is a Mexican restaurant open until 4 am near the Stockyards and I can't remember the name.

Jake -- I like "Chowtowners," too.

You better Trademark it.

Jeff said...

This is a great topic. I was going to email you with a similar question to post. Where to get a (real, not fast food) HAMBURGER in COWTOWN after 9PM!?!

Any ideas?

By the way, I second (third?) Fuzzy's... awesome food. Just ate at the new one in Arlington tonight. It was good, but the original on Berry is better and I like the vibe better, too.

Dustin said...

Chalk up another Ol' South'r. That's the only place my wife and I know to go to that isnt a chain. The Fuzzy's near us on Race St. isnt open that late. cool would it be if Spiral Diner was open all night? Perfect atmosphere for it, in my opinion.

James said...

Gallery Arr Cafe is thinking of going 24/7 as a co-op.

James said...

Gallery Art, Not Gallery Arr(rrrrrrr matey)!

Rambler, who doesn't ramble at night said...

When I was a kid, Old South was the only all-night place in Fort Worth. Yes, eat there once, although I've been twice. Once after a Sunrise Easter pageant in high school and once late 1990/early 91.

I'm not out at night much, but I've done Denny's a couple of times at 3 or 4am. Once on University (it may have been Kips then) and once on South Freeway at Seminary. It's a quiet place to talk, with good coffee and decent breakfasts (not the West Side Cafe, but decent).

Jake Good said...

These comments basically confirm my thoughts... but I did not know that Fuzzy's was open late, they do have quite a punch with their tacos.

I don't mind Ol' South, if I'm up for a greasy spoon.

And the other suggestions, well I guess I'll have to try them out :) Gives me excuse to have a pint I guess!

Tyler Awesome Coolage said...

Yeah, I agree with a lot of the options already mentioned: Jack in the Box, Old South, Fuzzy's and Whataburger. If you're on the Southside, those are about as good as it gets. Benito's might still be open late nowadays, but I don't know.

13moons said...

Benitos, definitely. Also Ol South, another FW tradition.

I agree about the Spiral Diner. It would be a little like late night at the Cafe Brazil in Dallas...but cooler.

I didn't realize Fuzzy's served food that late...I love their soft fish tacos. Thanks.