Friday, December 5, 2008

Prosciutto Rolls-- I like it, 'er them.

Evan Sung for The New York Times

My favorite food magazine is a newspaper, the New York Times weekly Dining Section. It covers a broad array of subjects, has great writers, and links to recipes and blogs that I like. Yesterday, the section featured a sushi-like appetizer (picture left). This recipe combines prosciutto, asparagus and arugula in a sushi-like convenience, without the sushi-like hassle. Blanch the asparagus and everything else is just assembly. For specifics, see link below.

Also featured, for the cocktail crazed : The latest New York trend, cocktail bars for discussing in length the higher form of cocktails, and not just drinking them. Believe me the alcohol chosen is just the beginning.

Prosciutto roll:

Cocktail Society:


callie said...

gorgeous presentation! please check my page soon...the December rush has made me too busy too blog!

Callie Salls

callie said...

I made prosciutto-wrapped asparagus and drizzled it with a mint lemon vinaigrette for a cocktail party last evening. The vinaigrette is a great acid finish for the crisp asparagus and the salty prosciutto!