Monday, December 8, 2008

Changes to Our Top Ten

Internal Memo

To: Food & Fort Worth contributing staff (Becca East, Becca West, Andrew and Jake)

Date: Today

Please be advised, per your suggestions, changes have been made to the F&FW, "Top Ten & Best of" list (see sidebar).

To wit: Out is Railhead, In is Angelo's.

To wit: Out is Kinkaid's, In is Tommy's. (I'm still a fan of Kinkaid's).

If anyone has reason to find this judgment unsatisfactory please document in duplicate and file until further notice. Thank you.


Lynn said...

Making a note to try Tommy's next payday. Already know that I like Kinkaid's, both the location near me and the one at Arlington Highlands.

Francis Shivone said...

Lynn, If you like hamburgers, you'll like Tommy's.


Anonymous said...

you can like tommy's but you can't take down kincaid's (at least the original on CB. I think the old greasy grill makes a difference!). Is there a particular Tommy's that you think is so good? I know that the camp bowie site is better than the one on lackland. what about the 7th street location?
we need justification for the new rankings!

Becca said...

The Tommy's on Camp Bowie is the best. Kincaid's burgers are really good, but Tommy's makes their own fries and sides. Also, Tommy's has a few more options on the menu than Kincaids does.

Anonymous said...

It almost breaks my heart to tear Kincaids out... but I support your decision.

Ohh and Westside Becca would agree on your swapping of Angelo's for Railhead...

I'm starting to actually become a fan of The Smoke Pit (BBQ with a view)...

Becca said...

Westside Becca says who is this who is Jake character. BBQ with a view. Boo!

Becca said...

Oh and Westside says to try out the Roy Pope Grocery store on Merrick. We haven't actually been there, but Fort Worth hole in the wall gave it very high reviews. Very Mom and Pop. Great meatloaf and mash potato's I guess.

Father Lee Nelson, SSC said...

I must say that the best burgers in all of Fort Worth are at Fred's, Texas.

I think it's on Currie, just south of Camp Bowie, east of the Museums, west of downtown. Totally worth the trip.

Anonymous said...

@Father Lee Nelson

They definitely win for greasiest burgers... their chipotle chile burger is supposed to be spicey, but it's just... medium.

However, their cheese fries are DEFINITELY "for the win"

Francis Shivone said...

Eastside, Westside, Padre, Jake, Lynn and Anonymous --

Thank you.

I will be reviewing Kinkaid's and Tommy's Christmas week. If, after further review we need to have two burger places on the top 10 list, then so be it.

Fred's -- haven't been in years but will include that in scientific research.

Eastside B. has been to Pope's, I never have but that I must do as well.

Westside B. and Jake -- what am I missing, "with a view" ? I have never been to Smoke Pit.

Anonymous said...

you have to order the DIABLO burger at Fred's to get the hot one.
the "view" is another way to say "Hooters".
mom and pop? maybe the new Aventinos?
too big for a mom and pop but Buttons (chef from Ovation at the old 29 degree tavern) should be open now.
have you been to Zekes in a while? they have a few new things at dinner on certain days.

Anonymous said...

yes... the Diablo burger is what I was claming to be only medium...


The Smoke Pit actually has fantastic food, the meat is better (IMHO) than the other BBQ joints... more tender and juicy. And yes, there are some nice waitresses that work there.

A new Aventino's? Down off of Camp Bowie or is there a different one? Aventino's was fantastic!

Francis Shivone said...

That reminds me Becca East. Should Aventino's replace Ruffino's since you guys are going there now?

Anonymous said...

aventinos has been handed down to the son (now a culinary school graduate--uh oh--sure to have foo foo, overthought, overhandled, overpresented food). They've been closed since August enlarging and remodeling. Hopefully they haven't ruined it.

Francis Shivone said...


1. Get a name.

2. Aventinos: Reallllly?