Thursday, November 20, 2008

Parade of Lights, Grace, Turkey Trot.

A few of my favorite Fort Worth events happen this week and next:

1. Fort Worth Parade of Lights and Tree Lighting.
Okay, not exactly the hippest event, but if you have children it is worth a visit to both the parade and the tree lighting. Friday, November 28, 6 PM.

2. Grace Restaurant opening
I'm excited any time Fort Worth gets a new restaurant. and considering the economy we are fortunate to see this kind of growth downtown. I wish them well -- and I will be visiting. Grace is another downtown option to bring friends from out of town, a business lunch or dinner, or a special night out, in my case, with my wife. From the company press release:
Adam Jones, the driving force behind Fort Worth landmark restaurants Prego Pasta House and Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse, returns to downtown Fort Worth the week of November 17 with the opening of GRACE.

3. Turkey Trot. Thanksgiving Day / November 27
Always one of my favorite events of the year, partly because it is so well attended and it's fun to do something on Thanksgiving morning.


Anonymous said...

I specifically remember moving to Fort Worth a year ago (almost exactly)... and noticing how nice the weather was...

Then we went downtown for the Parade of Lights and it was 45F or something, cold... we thought, seriously... Texas is supposed to be warm.

Ohhh the memories :)

Francis Shivone said...

Jake -- I always like downtown FW this time of year and I'm a sucker for big Christmas trees. And yes it can get bitterly cold.

Really, people think all of Texas as being always warm which, of course, is not true. What is true, and what is great about Texas, is that it will get cold but not stay cold.

Anonymous said...


Yes, downtown Fort Worth is fantastic in the fall/winter... lights, sounds, crisp air and big trees.

And you're right about the thoughts, I had some friends come down for my birthday in February and were expecting nice weather, they got 50F :)

jared seaton said...

I enjoy your blog, I believe my girlfriend would too. I am passing it along. Here is her blog:

Please visit! Thank you!

Francis Shivone said...

Jared -- I did. She and I like some of the same websites and TV shows.

I was more of a beer and gin and tonic guy, but I respect a good martini.

I'll add her site to my list.