Monday, November 24, 2008

Lists (and Knitting?)

Yesterday, I received a comment from another Fort Worth web logger. In the comment she mentioned her own weblog and, as is custom for bloggers, I went for a visit. It is a very well done blog on knitting called The Ravelled Sleave.

Now as may be expected, I have never knitted, or done knitting, or been a knitter, or whatever it is one does with kneedles and yarn. My wife knits and I do find it an interesting hobby to observe. But more on knitting some other day.

Back to The Ravelled Sleave. Regardless of the theme, most bloggers write whatever is on their mind that day, and since the writer, Lynn, was cleaning her coffee table -- that day -- she decided to list everything on the table for her post.

I read the complete list, all 26 of them. There was nothing particularly unusual in the items on the table: magazines, receipts, notes, etc. But all lists are inherently interesting. And to take it a little further than I probably should, a list of insignificant items can be like a still-life painting of the every-day apple and pear, not that interesting, but the representation is enjoyable to observe. Likewise, a list of everyday items, when someone actually takes the time to write them down is an insight into the "other" that modern philosophers talk about. Okay, I'm getting weird, but it was like going through an old box in someone else's attic, and I enjoyed it.

Next, maybe I'll do a post on knitting.

(By the way, my wife tells me her favorite store was Jenning Street Yarns.

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Lynn said...

Thanks, Francis, but you're making me blush!

I agree with your wife that Jennings Street is excellent; it's one of my three favorite local shops. Linda [the owner] is a delight, and I love how she arranges her yarns primarily by color family.

I live a little closer to Yarns Ewenique and feel equally valued when I dash in between other errands.

I think my favorite is The Shabby Sheep in Dallas; it is 1.3 miles from the office. But I do try to give each shop some of my business each year.

Does your wife meet with a knitting group?